How can we balance Unleash the Hounds?

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UtH has been described by some as the best CCG card ever made. I would say make the hounds that smae but unable to benefit from other passives.

I'm not sure anyone has ever made that claim.

...except you, in a really, really stupid thread from a few days ago.

How was it stupid? It got over 10 pages of great discussion. And some even agreed with me. So yes it has been described by some as the best CCG card ever made. That is a pretty big title if you ask me. And all the cards mentioned that may have been better had some kind of draw aspect to them. UtH potentially has unlimited draw ability. You can draw until your hand is full. So yes it could quite possibly be the best card ever made
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UTH is annoying because you can't really play around it.

Unless you keep your minion count to like 2 at most (which just isn't reasonable)

Starving buzzard and UTH is probably the best card draw system in the game. They can also pair it with the wolf/hyena.

It combos really well with some cards and you can't play around UTH combos. If the player does it you need to be able to weather the storm.

Because of the low cost the combos can come out fairly early, and predicting when it will happen is next to impossible.

The card needs to be made more predictable, or have some way to work around it that doesn't involve just having two minions (which makes you vulnerable to multi-shot)
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The perfect solution would be.... that UTH is legendary instead of Krush. He would be awesome but only 1 per deck, might be even boosted a bit. And first spell legendary too. No way its gonna happen tho but oh well..
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04/04/2014 05:16 PMPosted by LIK
The perfect solution would be.... that UTH is legendary instead of Krush. He would be awesome but only 1 per deck, might be even boosted a bit. And first spell legendary too.

OR! When the new cards come out give each class an ability legendary, not sure why we don't have these yet anyways. And make UtH the Hunter's legendary ability and give a more balanced card in place of UtH. And don't worry all you Hunter cry babies, we can give you all a free copy of it if your hunter level is above a certain point after the patch. I think it is a great ider.
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UTH not only being the BEST card draw system in the game, its cost and usefulness are even above tier 1: summoning charge beasts that can be used as a removal or to finish off the opposition and, of course, the "fear of the mind" factor that greatly impacts the hunter matchup, (if you have any more than 2 minions on the board, UTH gets its full value - draw 3 cards in combination with buzzard + 3 charge minions that have a synergy with timber wolf (+1 attack each, potentially doubling their effectiveness), hyena, kill command and finally leeroy, that can setup the whole thing even if you're playing around the spell the whole game.

knowing the current card usage, i would suggest limiting the number of hounds that spawn to 3 if they are going to stay as beasts, so it at least removes that leeroy factor that adds 2 more draws to the hunter and 2 more beasts that get buffed by the timber wolf.
another suggestion is making this card a legendary (limiting it to 1) and leaving its effect as it is, since the effect is just broken anyways.
or you could make it so that these minions aren't beasts, i think something like: spawn X 0/1 normal minions with a normal effect that says: destroy this minion at the end of your opponent's turn and also a deathrattle: spawn 1/1 beast type minion. (X being the number of opposing minions as it currently is). i'd say that would slow their game since the draw wouldn't be instant, they couldn't get buffed by a timberwolf and it COULD add some counter play to that card.
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The only nerf it needs is only able to attack minions. UTH is very important for hunters card draws. People might disagree with me but these hunter meta deck is getting boring. You don't want to face the same deck over hundreds of times. Face about 20 of them every single day.
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UtH is not overpowered. It forces a change in play, and allows for some cool combos, but ultimately is balanced.

First and foremost-unless you have big minions with taunt don't put out more than 2-3. You may complain about removal at this point-only combo decks will have deadly shot-rush decks will not. If combo decks were the problem then you would probably complain about those instead. Due to you having board advantage for UtH to be played effectively, many of the hound will be spent trading unless lethal is available. This may or may not be with timber wolf.

As analysis: If all opposing creatures have <2 health, it can be a 3 mana flamestrike that takes 2 cards. If there are two timber wolves, <3 health for 3 cards and 4 mana.

Drawing: Again requires you to have creatures. Buzzard is squishy as all hell so likely won't survive past the hounds turn. As such you pay 2 cards and 4 mana for cards equal to the number of creatures your opponents control.

Hyena: Not so much for rush deck i think-but maybe so i will cover it. For each opposing creature, give hyena +2,+1 for 2 mana 1 card. Earlier someone mentioned the 5 to cast that gives charge (forgot its name). Firstly-5 to cast-not rush (which is what people are complaining about), 9 with hounds and hyena added (if you get a 9 mana turn for a beefy and your opponent hasn't taken board control, either your opponent has a terrible hand or you aren't playing a rush deck).

In conclusion: If you keep to 2 or less creatures you basically can't have this used on you to its full extent limiting its power and as such making it OP. If you run murlocs-i feel for you as you are probably the most hard countered by hunter rush.

Apologies for typos. Late in Aus. Also for perusal-what justifies a ban in MTG for comparison.
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