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Hey, I'm looking for ideas to better my deck here is what I'm currently using:


Equality x2

Holy Light x2

Sunfury Protector x1

Wild Pyromancer x1

Aldor Peacekeeper x2

Big Game Hunter x1 (seems kinda useless?)

Earthern Ring Farseer x1

Mind Control Tech x1

Truesilver Champion x2

Consercration x2

Mogu'shan Warden x2

Sen'Jin Shieldmaster x2

Faceless Manipulator x1

Avenging Wrath x2

Sylvanas Windrunner x1

Guardian of Kings x2

Lay on Hands x2

Ragnaros x1

Tirion Fordring x1

Ysera x1

I'm open to feedback. I don't know what you would exactly call this build but it seems to be working pretty well. It is a little late mana build I think that's why I used a bunch of mobs with taunt early on and it seems to work. What do you guys think?
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How often do you get full value out of mind control tech? If rarely, you should sub it out if it's just a 3/3 body.

Your deck has no early game minions, the earliest are Tazdingo or ER Farseer. This wouldn't be a problem but paladin has no early game removal to keep board clear. Get some Harvest Golems or Faeries.

I'd remove 1 Lay on Hands, it's a bad play if you're behind and when you're ahead on board it let's your opponent to develop his board for one turn freely and you don't really achieve much board with those minions. You also have a combined 45 heal in that deck, that doesn't help if your opponent can easily burst you down with your minimal board presence.
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I think I have used Tech maybe once. Drop 1 LOH and tech and put 2 Golems in?
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Yeah, I'd try dropping both holy lights for a Farseer and something else, wild pyro can't go wrong as it adds consistency to your deck.
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Cards i dot think are needed here are:

Holy Light x2 (with x2 layonhands and x2guardians, do you rly need these?) Cosider switching with the absolute best 2mana minion, Argent protectors.

Mind Control Tech x1 (meh) Consider a Harvest golem or a scarlet crusader, for some better board presence.

Mogu'shan Warden x2 (very meh) What are you a priest? you already have x2 sunfurry protectors and 2 shieldmastaz, i greatly advise you switch the wardens for Yeti's, or even better azure drakes to improve your card draw and lessen your x8 4mana cards to x6.

Avenging Wrath x1 (1 is enough, 2 seems like a bit of an overkill, still if you really want it, its ok to keep it)

Guardian of Kings x1 (2 is fine also, but you already have many high cost cards, and if at some point you want to take out a card for something cheaper, this should probably be it.)

Lay on Hands x1 (1 is way more than enough, 2 is an overkill, can you really afford drawing x2layonhands early on? or ever.)

I hope you find this helpful, keep in mind, its nothing but my personal opinion.
As an addition to that i would advise you add at least 1 redemption somewhere in your deck. You wouldn't believe how amazing it is when coupled with Tirion, or Ragnaros, or Sylvanas.
I wouldnt drop the big game hunter, as its a strong 3mana card just as a 4/2minion, and its potential of taking out legendaries just for 3 mana makes it much stronger.
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I made a few of the changes you said Creus as they made a lot of sense. I don't know if I'm just getting bad hands or mage's are just OP as hell but that seems to be the only class I have trouble with its about a 50/50 chance. Every other class has been a cake walk thus far.
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