Ranked deck suggestions?

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This is the deck I've been using for ranked play. I've gotten to rank 11 with it. There are some cards that I'm not sure whether I should keep or not like the imp master, and if i should maybe replace the razorfen hunter with something like the kobold geomancer for a littler spell damage.

I was hoping I could get some feedback from other players. I would like a deck that can make it all the way to Legendary rank.
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I forgot to add that I prefer control decks over rush decks or aggro decks.
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You have x10 4mana cards in it, which is a bit too much i think. I would advise switching the stormwind knight for a second truesilver champion. Definitely switch the rocketeer for 2nd argent commander (or something way cheaper to give you early presence, harvestgolem/argentcrusader/wildpyromancer). Consider also switching the noble sacrifice for a redemption, cause it synergizes great with the sunwalker and the argent commanders. Keep repentance if you want to, but i never rly liked it.

Since you dont have any aoe buffers, i dont think you really need the imp master, or the razorfen hunter for that matter. Maybe x2 harvest golems, or 1golem and 1argent crusader would be better. Or even better, a 2nd argent protector and a blood knight. The knight is an auto 6/6 for 3 mana, or 5 if you drop him together with the protector, which is still worth it, plus it can take off your enemies divine shields. Its also a good target for your enemies removals, better he takes the polymorph than ysera.

I would also drop the dragonling mechanic for something cheaper (a pyro would be awesome to combo your equality), cause as i said, x10 4mana cards.
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Alright thanks man. I can tell already this is looking better. I got rid of the stormwind knight, repentance, dragonling mechanic, the rocketeer, and the razorfen hunter. I added a redemption, the blood knight, harvest golem, argent protector, argent commander, and a second truesilver champion.

If anyone else has some suggestions I would appreciate it.
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