Control Warrior - learning to play

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So I forged this deck from the cards I have, because I heard it is good vs the hunter spam that plauges the ladder (hi reset).

I will be thankfull for any suggestions/card replacements/tips on how to play it most efficiently.

(On a side note, yes, I know I should probably run Geddon vs aggro decks, but sadly I dont own him and not enough dust to craft).
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Looks solid. I'd replace Ysera with Baron Geddon or Deathwing and a Spellbreaker with either Harrison/Ooze or a second Brawl if you have them.
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So I tested a few things (fiddled with Pyromancers for extra aoe, tried Cleave, Argus and such) I've made a second version of my deck. So far only lose out of 15 games or so to warlock aggro where i just drew horribly.

I find commanding shouts pretty good for when you can trade your buffed berserkers cairne or anything that would die, and it lives, AND you draw.

Also hunters trying to stop my 15/1 zerkers with explosive traps while i have this is hand, I smile every time.
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I recently started to get into warrior control and got pretty much all the cards except Baron Geddon.
Of course I'm just starting to get the hang of this but I'd really like to know how you fare against priests.
I feel this matchup is so miserable due to usually not having any reasonable early and mid game threats. This allows the priest to thoughtsteal and mind vision your deck and save all his removal and mind controls (and potentially your good cards) when it comes to late game. It's BS.
Shaman I think is very tough as well at times with their power removal and their ability to swarm the board.
So tips against those two matchups would be definitely appreciated.
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With priest, I mulligan for berzerker + any other cheap minion, drop minion, drop zerker, trade the first one. That buffs the zerker to 4 attack, out of the shadow words range. Also if u are playing some big bomb like ysera or rag, make sure you have a way to remove it in case of mc. Also Cairne works wonders against priests.

Against Shaman, I feel it's a coin flip. It's have Baron by turn 7 or get swarmed.
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Yeah, nice advice I really need to get Geddon I can see him having a lot of uses in the current meta. Unfortunately I just used up all my dust to craft both shield slams and grom.
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Yet another version of my control deck, and I come with a question:

My biggest problem right now seems to be lack of silence (Tirion and Cairne, especially Cairne, how I hate to see him on the opposing side - maybe I'm really not fit to rule the Horde).

So I thought about fitting one Spellbreaker in there, but I have no idea what I sholud take out. Everything seems important right now.

Any tips would be welcome.
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Honestly, of all the cards in the deck, I've found Ysera to be the most erratic. Sometimes she helps win a match, and sometimes she doesn't. My own Control deck almost exactly resembles yours except that I have Defender of Argus over your Shieldmasta, and a Gadgetzan Auctioneer in place of Ysera.

Sometimes I'll use Ysera, but the Auctioneer's 4 attack and added card draw really help me against priests. They can't get rid of it easily while I fish out for my finishers.
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I tried Auctioneer, but honestly he felt lackluster for me, maybe just personal preference or the way we play our decks ;)

I also thought about switching Ysera, but for a Deathwing (when I get him).

Still can't really decide what to take out, I'm thinking about faceless, yet he saved my !@# so many times I'm reluctant to do so. BGH is a no go (handlocks would really $%^- on me then), and 2 brawls really help vs aggro matchups.
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Hey guys just wanted to throw in my 2 cents. I've been playing HS for a couple of months now and have found that warrior is by far my favorite to play. I run a variant of the control deck and have found some success (rank 15 in a couple days). Only missing a couple of legendaries compared to the "standard" (Alex and Baron). But I have found success with this deck and have gone toe to toe with other warrior controls with those cards and have had answers for all those legendaries. Most important thing about warrior decks is to understand your opponents deck and being patient with your removals. And then its important for your legendaries to coax out removals from your opponent with your other minions (frothing/cairne/etc). I use Abomination as a replacement for Baron and faceless as next best card I have to replace Alex until I get those legendaries. Let me know what u guys think.
Oh and I find if you can maximize the use of your Acolytes, Auctioneer is unnecessary and can be replaced with BGH or silence or weapon removal (ooze or harrison) due to mirrors.

Execute x2
Shield Slam x2
Whirlwind x2
Fiery War Axe x2
Slam x2
Acidic Swamp Ooze x1
Armorsmith x2
Cruel Taskmaster x2
Ironbeak Owel x1
Shield Block x2
Acolyte of Pain x2
Big Game Hunter x1
Frothing Berserker x2
Brawl x1
Abomination x1
Faceless Manipulator x1
Cairne Bloodhoof x1
Gorehowl x1
Grommash Hellscream x1
Ragnaros x1
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After many games this is what I'm playing, and currently @ rank 4.

I consider replacing Ysera with Deathwing, and I would like to run Slams, but can't really decide what to take out for them. Any suggestions?
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I got to legend with this deck

it's fairly good against hunter

it destroys zoo in spite of no brawl

and vs a control match up can stack big tough guys despite not having carine
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