Why is Doomhammer so rarely used?

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I've been looking at a lot of decks recently, and I very rarely see Doomhammer included. I think with Rockbiter, its natural wind fury can be pretty powerful. Is there a specific reason it's avoided?
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IMHO DH is too risky because Harrison Jones is now a big part of the Meta, You can live with DH getting Oozed because because you already got 2 swings the moment you cast it but in the event the opponent plays Jones you are screwed.

I had actually been using Doom Hammer and tearing opponents to bits left and right before a warrior played Jones and won because he grabbed like 6 cards or whatever.

Unfortunately I put DH in the same category as Earth Elemental as really strong cards but are too risky to play.
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Probably safe to use it at lower ranks then, yeah? I very rarely see Jones pop out where I am currently (hovering around 11, 12)
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Its great with a rockbiter and it is also good in games without too many minions, i.e. Vs hunter or mage.

The main thing wrong with it is that it hurts like hell when you use it twice on a mid cost minion.

For example, if it is your only way to kill an azure drake with 2 hts, you take 8 damage.

In a control meta, i like it.

At the beginner ranks where there is a lot of rush, it sucks
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Doom hammer would be used more if shaman had a self heal and more than 1 class card that effects weapons (rock bitter).
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04/03/2014 01:05 PMPosted by CombatMist
Doom hammer would be used more if shaman had a self heal and more than 1 class card that effects weapons (rock bitter).

I think this pretty much, however most "Mid-Range" shamans I see run it. Its a burst damage weapon in that type of deck. The weapon is a lot like Gore Howl in the sense that It has significant potential to remove small minion waves, and then has potential to deal some serious damage to a player. I think they have reverse primary roles though. Doomhammer should be a face card first and minion removal second, where as Gorehowl is minion first, face second. Gorehowl is better because you have armor to back it up.

Personally I prefer the burst style shaman over control, so I run it in most of my decks. Typically in my deck, factoring in removal, it puts the player on a significant clock. 16 potential damage over 4 turns isn't something to scoff at.

Overall, as well as what Combatmist, it's not a card that can go into any shaman deck and be a good play.
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Its the harrison jones in the higher meta. I got away with using it till 8ish then i ran into way to many harrison jones. I swapped it out for my own harrison for hunters/warriors and my deck still does fine prolly even better vers hunters when i can take away their damn bow and if they freeze trap i can do it again win/win lol
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The Doomhammer will hurt you a LOT if you try to kill cretures with it, but It can be good if combined with rockbitter weapon.
imo the 2 stormforged axes are more than enough.
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Ehhh it's good I guess but waste of space for me :S Stormforged Axe is good enough.
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I'd say along with Gorehowl it's a weapon that has the biggest impact on the game when you play it. I actually play it in control deck and it solely won me plenty of games, so I wouldn't agree it fits only burst decks. Of course Harrison Jones is something I fear, but you can't win 100% of all games, eh? There have to be some gambles.
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I have warmed up to storm ax since i put in unbounds to at least get value of the 1 overlaod. I dont love the 1 overload but its generally not a problem. Also compared to firery ax its 2/3 instead of 3/2 but weapons is warriors main thing so they get a discount on them. Just like fire ball and other damage spells being mages thing compared to lava or other such things. The advantage of storm ax over fiery ax is it can kill 3 minions instead of 2. Its more used for anti rush and works well generally killing 2-3 minions and 0-2 face hits with it.

Im liking storm ax enough ive dropped some 1-2mp minion and use it instead. Weapons overall are much harder to counter than minions. Also helps vs hunter as it does not help their UTH or effected by all their aoe. Vs aggro ive been able to turn 2 or turn 1 + coin storm ax and stop them in their tracks. My next turn i can only do 1mp cards like bolt earth shock but its enough to hold off just about anything they can play with 2 mp or even some rush decks playing 2, 1drops turn 2.

I have not gotten the chance to use doom hammer. It seems to have potential. I prefer lava instead though got 5+ damage on demand bypassing taunts. Doom hammer would need to get 3+ hits to equal that or + rock bitter. Preference. Doom hammer is far from the worst weapon but does not fit in every shaman deck. As I said if shaman had a self heal and an other card to synergy with weapons I would highly consider doom hammer.

I looked at the top season 4 decks. Not 1 of the 18 had harrison jones. Also only 2 had black knight. Only a handful had bgh. These cards are hard counters but the fear of them is far stronger than the chances of them coming up.
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I don't have AlAkir yet. So I run Windfury/Leeroy plus Doomhammer. I like having two ways to put windfury on the table. It makes my Rockbiter Weapons stronger.

If I had AlAkir I think I would probably drop the Windfury, and keep Doomhammer. That way I'd still have two sources of windfury in the deck. I'm not 100% sure though I'd have to test both ways.

Building your deck to avoid Harrison is a meta game choice. I'm around rank 10 right now, and seeing mostly hunter & zoo. Harrison is just not a problem yet so Doomhammer is working quite well.

It's good removal if I have the health, but if I don't I just swing at their face for 4 a turn. Eventually I end up with 1 or 2 rockbiter weapon in hand, and can smash face for 10 or 16. That plus board and/or lightning bolts from hand can usually pull a big surprise lethal.
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When I ran full burst shaman with Leeroy I ran DH but I slowly switched to a more control deck and they had to go to make way for Cairne and Ysera. DH is one of the best weapons IMO but the overload combined with lack of healing were causing it to be a death sentence against mid range/control decks. I'm pretty sure it made the match vs control druid less favourable, it certainly feels better how I run the deck now.
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Why yes, I would like six cads!
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I still run it in my decks, when i end up using it it is usually used as a finisher so I dont often have to worry about harrison, when i deal 16 damage ina turn with it and kill the opponent or set them up to be killed with a lava burst/Alakir it is les sof an issue.

Also hunters do not run harrison, neither do zoo locks, these are what I face more often than not so harrison, while sometimes a pain, isnt often game changing. Last guy to use harrison on me kept using the 'sorry#' emote, and i just laughed, because event hough he now had 10 cards in his hand, I could kill him instantly with what I had in my hand.

Against warriors shaman does fairly well, the warrior deck does seem liek it was popular to counter the aggro meta of hunter and zoolocks, but since shaman is rarely played as full aggro...i care not for such shenanigans.

Burst shaman is the way to go X)
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