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Is there a way to reliably beat it as warrior control? I only have 2 executes which I dont always draw.
They have 4 giants and 2 drakes which they get every game.
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Big Game Hunter helps.
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BGH+Spellbreaker, try and bait out a double Molten drop so you can Brawl them both.
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TBK also helps when they happen to put taunt on one of their giants (which happens very often). I don't even attack handlocks with my minions, just wait until I get lethal on the board. If that fails, the game comes down to the lucky brawl. If that fails, too, well, can't win them all.
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Bait to Brawl is kind of our best bet. The odds are stacked in their favor as they have the draw power. Our hope is to stop the weenie rush to force out their big bruisers. Then we hope we don't get really unlucky when we play brawl. It also means that we need to be patient with our own big cards.
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As mentioned by VSarius, running a spellbreaker purely for the handlock meta is not a bad idea. It neutralises the drakes and is by no means a dead card in other matchups.

Sometimes you can get draw boned completely, if you need to use your executes/SSs/brawl to remove watchers and the other small minions its really hard to find the throughput to deal with the giants. I opt to take poor trades if it means saving strong removals but I'm not sure if this is a widely agreed on tactic.

If you can wrestle the weenies with you're low drops, save hard removal for first wave of giants/drakes(if you dont have your silence) and line up a huge turn that deals 20ish damage in a single turn then you can win.

If you get them too low too quickly, they'll double molten/argus you which you need to expect. Also if you burn your big damage and get them to low HP but don't kill them, they'll Jaraxxus and probably win from that point.

Harrison Jones is great for the current hunter matchup and also against Jaraxxus. Plus it trades for a wathcer if you're !@#$ out of options early on.

It's a very tough matchup.
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I actually do pretty well against Handlocks with warrior control. I fear the Zoolock much more than the Handlock.

Baiting a good brawl is important. Aside from that, Faceless, execute, shield slam, BGH, gorehowl, and clever use of Ragnaros are your friends. I'm actually thinking that I will replace Cairne with Black Knight for additional hard removal against warlocks.
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04/01/2014 06:28 PMPosted by Mike90
Is there a way to reliably beat it as warrior control? I only have 2 executes which I dont always draw.
They have 4 giants and 2 drakes which they get every game.

This is really funny actually.

Control warrior is the direct hard counter to handlock.
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Do you realize he can play only one from 2x twilight drake or 2x mountaing giant on turn 4 ?
Also if you dont get him below 17 he will hardly play molten giant or two in one turn unless you have answer for it.
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I had a couple games come down to Deathwing... he'd played his last two Giants and I had no removal left.. won me the game late. Although I've since taken him out of my deck... although right now there seem to be a lot of Handlock decks playing around lvls 10-12
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