My deck, looking for help on it please.

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This is my deck it is a divine shield deck.

Deck List

Blessing of Might x 1
Hand of Protection x 2
Noble Sacrifice x 1
Redemption x 2
Repentance x 1
Argent Protecter x 2
Sword of Justice x 2
Truesilver Champion x 1
Blessing of Kings x 1
Consecration x 2
Avenging Wrath x 1
Tirion Fordring x 1

Argent Squire x 2
Scarlet Crusader x 2
Defender of Argus x 2
Silvermoon Guardian x 2
Faceless Manipulator x 1
Argent Commander x 2
Sunwalker x 2

I was hopping to get some help on my deck to improve it.

Should I take out any of my secrets? With Redemption I will try to hold out to play them tell I can get a Sunwalker out, as I feel I get the most of them with the Sunwalkers. While I have redemption up I will not use my hero power while I have redemption up as I feel it’s a waste to bring back a 1/1. Noble Sacrifice has helped me while I have minions that have shields down. With Repentance I will save tell late game in hope of getting a stronger minion with it.

Should I keep my weapons or swap them? Right now I have 2 Swords of Justice and 1 Truesilver. Should I drop a sword for another Truesilver? If so is it a waist to use swords with my hero power?

Should I drop any of my minions or spells? If so what would be best to replace them with. Consecration is saved to lower the health before a trade or after a trade to kill off what is left. Faceless I use if they have something good I could use (have got Hogger and a Rag), or on the Sunwalker’s, and or Tirion. The Defenders I will drop after I get two minions out if only 1 has a shield still up I will use HoP or Argent Protecter to keep shields on taunts. Avenging Wrath I will also use to lower hp or kill something off.

What play style would be best played with this deck? While playing this deck I will drop a divine minion then go for the face in hopes that my opponent will have to trade to get my shields off.

Any help I can get would be much appreciated also thanks in advance.
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My opinion is you have to have 2 Equalities and 2 Truesilvers.
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I would definitely advise switching a sword of justice for a truesilver. I would also greatly advise crafting x2 blood knights.

I have x2 pally decks, a divine one and an aggro one. Although i mostly use the aggro deck in ranked play, i really like the divine pally style and its win ratio is pretty good, although i havent extensively tested it in the new meta.
Anyway, i think that you really need those blood knights to bring out the power of your shields.

--- This is my divdeck in case you want an idea or two ---;74:1;75:2;142:1;191:2;247:2;260:2;280:2;283:1;293:2;350:1;383:1;391:1;463:2;473:2;475:2;503:1;567:1;581:1;657:2;
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I have yet to find a point where I don't want two truesilver champions in the deck. Blood knights would certainly make your divine shields even more useful. Sword of justice is good, but I haven't ever found a point in the game where I ever want two. Equality is an absolute beast of a card. And it is rather necessary when you are going against other control decks. Equality plus consecration= wiped enemy board, too.
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