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This isnt a QQ/Rant/Troll post, just a serious question for the Hunter base here. Ive played for 3 seasons now and I've always finished around Rank 3-5 in each of them always playing Aggro Hunter, now, I've been stuck at Rank 11-8 for the last couple of days so I would like to ask your opinion about the Hunter decks RIGHT and why it seems everyone is packing Hunter hate (aka Defender/Sunfury/Taz'Dingo/Heal)

Theory #1.- The season JUST started and the player which where Legends in the previous one are grinding to get back ASAP and thats why there's a lot of counter/top decks around middle/low ranks.

Theory #2.- The meta is changing towards Control decks. I am not too sure about it but I havent faced many other decks besides Druids/Warrior/Handlock. No Rogue/Priest/Mage yet in around +/-40 games I kid you not.

Theory #3.- Luck/Variance. Maybe I am just having a very long streak with no good matchups and its all about variance.
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I vote #2. Meta shift.

The meta has heavy Aggro in the last 3 seasons. Typically Mid-range control/pressure decks emerge to counter heavy Aggro. It's the nature of CCGs.

People are also gaining cards. Some players gravitate towards control when they have a better card selection. A lot of players just like to grind out wins and gold and Aggro is good for that which is why it's still pretty popular. Fast wins or fast losses, either way you're in a mode to grind gold, not a mode to win a high percentage.
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In general the cycles goes as follows: Aggro<Mid-range<Control<Aggro, though this is extremely generic so obviously there are a lot of exceptions. As for Hunter hate, the most obvious answer is that Hunters are gaining in popularity so everyone expects to face Hunters so they bring hate cards. As for your actual examples, neither Sunfury nor Argus is a Hunter hate card, rather generic taunt givers that most control decks use regardless of Hunter presence while Shieldmasta and Heals are tools available for mid-range/control decks to stabilize against all kinds of aggression, not just Hunters and not just aggro decks. For example, if you lose early board control against another control deck you can bring in Shieldmasta to help catch back up. Again, generic answers and good cards, nothing Hunter specific.

As for Hunter's position, it's already the most whined about deck due to UTH. It's also gaining in popularity thanks to both Reynad picking Hunter as his next aggro project and the recent rise of mid-range and control Hunters. So it's a very popular class these days and you should expect to face quite a few Hunters in whichever rank you're playing in, legendary rank and maybe even 1-5 excluded.
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I'd say it's a little bit of all 3, just like you assumed in the first place.
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