Hunter deck advice

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I have trouble against other hunters and paladins mostly, its mostly hanging around 66% im mostly loosing to other hunters, paladins and of all things priests. Im running

Tracking × 2
Explosive Trap × 2
Faerie Dragon × 2
Freezing Trap × 2
Ironbeak Owl × 2
Knife Juggler × 2
Starving Buzzard × 2
Unleash the Hounds × 2
Animal Companion × 2
Deadly Shot × 2
Eaglehorn Bow × 2
Houndmaster × 2
Leeroy Jenkins × 1
Stampeding Kodo × 1
Stranglethorn Tiger × 2
Savannah Highmane × 2
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There is no deck that wins everything. If you're winning 66% of your games, just take a deep breath and play some more games. If you find a particular card is dead most of the time, replace it. I'd say from looking at your list that I'd expect to lose against rush-ier Hunters. If you lose to Paladin and Priest that's no big deal since Uther & Anduin are not as common (due to how often those guys auto-lose to common decks on the ladder).
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04/07/2014 02:24 AMPosted by Teatime
Uther & Anduin are not as common (due to how often those guys auto-lose to common decks on the ladder).
Yeah its mainly as they end up with a stupidly strong minion (like a 14-14 imp master on turn four) or heal themselves for like 12 health late game.
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Wow complaining about 2/3 win rate. I main shaman and im struggling in this meta to get 50% win and have about 55%.
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2/3 is not bad, but 3/4 is better:

Ill drop
Deadly Shot × 2 (Random always hits the 1/1s)
Eaglehorn Bow × 2 ( not enough control in your deck to use this properly)
Stampeding Kodo × 1 (i only like this inarena)

and take
Tundra Rhino x2 (its almost like a 2/5 charge with taunt, because they will try to destroy it as soon as you cast it, and if its survives, all your beasts have charge)
Emperor Cobra x2 (bye bye big minions, specially if you TR survived)
Jungle Panther x1 (stealth FTW)
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kill command and hunter's mark are very strong
flare against other hunters
You can also try beastial wrath, it's useful when you have to fight for the board.
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