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hey i used to play a control priest, still have it.. I like having 1 main deck at a time however. I have some dust saved up and lots of cards. I was wondering if converting to druid we be better for me. ill post my priest deck can someone see if I can make a good druid out of the legendaries and stuff?
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also have tinkmaster
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I'm a new druid player myself but maybe posting what druid cards you have could help experienced players get an idea of what you're working with.
You may also want to check the thread I made a couple of days ago. There, Ulyanasaurus and other players gave me great advice and a couple of decks you could try.
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As Meals pointed out, you haven't' really mentioned what cards you own. There's a standard set of cards that Control Druids always run, so I'll just go and list those.

2x Innervate
2x Wrath
2x Swipe

2x Keeper of The Grove
2x Druid of the Claw
2x Ancient of Lore

That's the base of any decent Druid Control. The rest of the cards are your preference, or dependent on what type of deck you're trying to run, or how the meta is playing at specific ranks.

But yes, those 12 cards are the solid foundation. Make sure you have those before you try and play Control Druid.


Noticed you had Cairne, Rag and Ysera. Those three fit in nicely into one deck too, Bloodmage Thalnos is also very good in Druid Control, if you have him.
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