Strawpoll for UTH, voice your opinion

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With so many opinions surrounding this card and its synergy with other cheap Hunter cards, it's difficult to get a general consensus on how the community as a whole feels about this card without reading for hours all the different threads that discuss it.

If there is another option other than the four listed in the poll that you would prefer, please submit a reply explaining.

Thanks so much to everyone who bothers to participate in this poll.

I realize this is a Hunter forum, but it seems to also be a place people come to complain about UTH, so i'm hoping not to get a completely biased voting group.
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The traps are why Hunter is broken, not UTH.
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No, it is definitely unleash the hounds...
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The problem doesn't lie solely with specific cards. The problem is the entire class has been built around this idea of multiple card combos. Buzzard + UtH is an insanely easy way for hunters to fill their hands and set up even more combos.

Every class is capable of doing a ridiculous over powered combo. The biggest problem with hunters is that their big OP combo is an essential part of every hunter deck. If they manage to get the right cards to pull it off, you're done for. If they don't get the right cards for the combo, it doesn't weigh down their deck because the cards are still standard cards in any hunter deck.

In my opinion, the biggest problem by far is the hero powers. Shamans and Paladins are at a massive disadvantage because their hero powers become a liability. It's unfair for those classes to play against hunters because their hero powers do nothing more than buff UtH.

Hunters don't need to be nerfed, they're not over powered. They need to be balanced. Hunters need to still be a viable class to play, but they need to be less dependent on these multi card combos. Their class cards need to be reworked so hunters become more stable. You either get obliterated by a hunter, you'll get them down to low HP and they'll finish you off with an over powered combo, or you'll blow them out of the water completely. There's no close games against hunters right now, the class is just too hit or miss. Instead of making cards weaker or costing more mana, they need to be changed entirely to give more stability to the class.
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Hunters don't need to be nerfed, they're not over powered. They need to be balanced. .

But you forget one thing. Over players only want to win and they don't care if other heroes are gutted.
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Such a flame baiting poll, the results are awfully predictable. What else did you expect?
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Hunter is a nasty combination of things that punish you no matter how many minions you have on board 0-7. That is the problem. If they only punished for 3+ minions that would be different you would remove all single target damage and 2 hits like multi shot and put in more stuff that punishes with Aoe. They punish you no matter what you do.
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I think UTH is ridiculous, with the cost of 2 and synergy with buzzard, they should not have CHARGE. They don't die at the end of the turn, and the damage is configurable, too good for 2 mana. And hunter's freezing trap is ridiculously good, for 2 mana. Why are hunter's secrets so cost effective!
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04/08/2014 09:31 AMPosted by OwlRaider
Such a flame baiting poll, the results are awfully predictable. What else did you expect?

Oh look, you're defending your meal ticket YET AGAIN.

Such a flame baiting post.
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I believe this poll speaks for itself. Nerf UTH
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