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you can not beat then
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Always kill the totems.

Use Senjin and Yeti, they are our weakness.
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Despite what people say, third time usually isn't a charm.
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i always do my best to keep totems down but playing a priest deck is more than often slow to start unless you use small cards...

but those just get owned in one lightning storm
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Priest has multiple ways to clear the board of totems.

Auchenai Soulpriest and Circle of Healing.
Wild Pyro + Coin + PW:S

And then you can be really annoying with your good plays:

Turn 3 blademaster + circle of healing (make him waste a removal already?)
Turn 6 Cabal Shadow Priest - steal a flametongue or Mana Tide?
Use holy fire to eat his Fire elementals (you have 2, he has 2)

And then go into the late game and just put down legendary after legendary and steal his ragnaros.

Priest should usually beat shaman if you play for the late game.

Keep at it.
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Why in this world would you play a priest as your main as a new/newer player? Priest would be my last choice! Warrior second to last and Shaman 3rd.

All 3 of those classes for a new player is rough. Especially when you are most likely playing ranked against seasoned players.
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The problem is not shaman its priest.

Priest is at the bottom of the barrel by alot. They need a lot of love from devs and like a 1/4-1/2 rework to put them even close to the next class. You are complaining because priest is the worst class not that shaman is the best. Priest is way way below all the over classes in win rate and has been and will stay that way unless they rework them.

Shaman is one of the hardest match ups for priest. Why? Because shaman keeps making totems and priests fire power is conditional or limited. Shaman keep pumping out totems and priest does not have enough easy ways to get rid of them. A shaman keeps clearing the 1-2 minions on priest board and completely disallow them from effectively using their buffs. Then you play a minion and buff it and it gets hexed or earth shocked and you just lost several cards in that trade. Shaman is fairly effective early game and to beat them you need to play rush which is hard to priest. The best counter to rush is your own rush. If your not soul priest + circle of healing you need to start. That is effective vs rush decks.
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I just had to open my stupid mouth, I've been eating crow all day!
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