Any tips?

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I'm a veteran of magic the gathering, so I understand card synergy a bit.

I also don't have a lot of special cards mostly just basic. I made this deck mostly because I am tired of mages and want to beat them at their own game.

It seems to do well, the biggest opposition seems to be shamans with good draws, heavy taunt decks, and many times paladins give me trouble.

Any insight on improvements?

"Die Jaina Die"

2 Execute
2 Whirlwind
2 Fiery War Axe
2 Cleave
2 Heroic Strike
1 Acolyte of pain
2 Frothing Berzerker
2 Ironforge Rifleman
1 Raging Worgen
2 Wolfrider
2 Mortal Strike
2 Arathi Weaponsmith
2 Kor'Kron Elite
2 Arcanite Reaper
2 Gurubashi Berserker
2 Stormpike Commando

Basically I looked at it like a semi control, semi race, and synergy on my own minions taking damage. If I can hold on to them and not need them for removal the mortal strikes win me quite a few of the games as they are able to get around the taunt that seems to be the bane of this deck.

I am mostly thinking that the wolfriders are the weakest link and the stormpike commandos are only situationally good.

Any suggestions? Remember, I'm a dirty filthy poor person so buying most cards outright is not gonna happen. (I have 200 dust only)
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The weakness of that deck is you have no card draw except for 1xAoP.

If I was just starting with no money to buy cards, I would add in another AoP. Take out Stormpikes and Arcanite Reapers. Add in some value cards like 2xYeti and 2xShieldMaster. I would also think about switching Wolfriders with Scarlet Crusaders or Harvest Golems for 2for1 value.
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Slam is a decent common that can draw you a card... although if you're racing it may not be what you're looking for.
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Look into a pair of Harvest golems. They are common so they are 40 dust each. Also you might want to look at a pair of bruisers. Boulderfist Ogres are solid choices, they're free and they are too big to ignore.

Slam is a nice card, it has draw if you don't kill a minion with it. It's mainly used to get a tarot in range for an axe or minion. I would highly suggest them

If you're going to go heavy axe as you are right now you should add shield block. It works best with shield slam, but seeing as that's a 400 dust epic I doubt you'll be crafting them any time soon. You should use shield block for a little bit of card draw and to mitigate damage. It's easily usable as the Fiery War Axe can do the work for you on turn three.
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