Which Legendary to craft?

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So, I've been able to get enough dust from getting a bunch of gold cards from arena, and wonder which card I should craft to get me into the upper end of ranked?

Of the legendaries, I already have:

1x Al'Akir the Windlord
1x The Black Knight
1x King Mukla (ugh)

Of the epics, I already have:

1x Molten Giant
1x Big Game Hunter
2x Earth Elemental
1x Far Sight (considering disenchanting this)

I have almost all of the commons and rares.
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for shaman, cairne, sylvanas, nat, thalnos, rag is also a good choice but has high cost.
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Go with Al'Akir, Black Knight, Cairne.
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Harrison Jones or thalnos might be good choices
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Depends what deck you want. If you want a combo deck then all you need legendary wise is Alakir, Cairne is quite popular although I dont have room for him personally.

Shamans do not use many epics, if any at all, some people run an earth ele but there are a lot of counters to it so it can be risky for the overload. Faceless is fairly common to run 1x of, nothing like Copying the opponents Ragnaros then hexing it, or even just copying your earth elemental, or gadgetzan auctioneer for double card draw.

As far as nat pagle goes, since his nerf i prefer the mana tide totems now.

Look at the decks of other people who have gotten to legendary rank and others that play competitively. I have a golden Ysera, ragnaros, cairne and thalnos, all of which are really common in shaman decks and I don't even have room for any of them.

If you need to craft other cards feel free to disenchant the far sight, it only really sees play in gimmick decks.
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