Injured Blademaster + Ancestral Healing

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I have been trying out this combo, and frankly getting a 4/7 with taunt on turn 3 is pretty powerful.

Even without Ancestral Healing there is some synergy with Blademaster and the healing totem, but it's a bit unreliable because of the ability.

The biggest issue is giving Ancestral Healing some other cards to have synergy with.

What do you guys think about the combo? And what other things can be useful with Ancestral Healing?
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Ancestral healing + ancient watcher to taunt him up instantly.
Ancestral healing + black knight for a turn 6 assassinate + yety.
Ancestral healing + auctioneer for a free card draw.
Ancestral healing + Gurubashi Berserker for not having a black knight, getting more rage procs, or making him usefull if silenced.
Ancestral healing + a giant that traded with a unit in order to turn it into a druid giant.
Ancestral healing + silenced totem because you’re desperate.

I'd talk about the combo, but I’m reasonably sure it's been done to death by this point. General consensus is that it will either take 2 cards to remove so it pays for itself, or the opponent polymorphs it, which can screw him over later if you run a more lategame orientated deck, like this one.
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Nice idea, but I cant see that bigfoot-windfury-giants deck working so well.

The only card draw is 2 mana tides, and without any early game minions they will get destroyed immediately.

So the Twilight drake won't come out very strong.

And when you play an Earth Elemental on turn 5 you are screwed with 3 overload on turn 6.

Sea Giants are interesting, but they will only come out cheap if your opponent has lots of minions down already - and in that case they will get zerged down.
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