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Hello, can you guys take a look at my deck and give some feedback?

2x earth shock
2x lighting bolt
2x argent squire
1x stormforged axe
1x acidic swamp ooze
1x flametongue totem
1x knife juggler
2x feral spirit
2x hex
2x lightning storm
2x unbound elemental
2x childwind yeti
2x defender of argus
2x azure drake
1x gadgetzan auctioneer
2x argent commander
2x fire elemental
1x ragnaros

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Hi there - it looks really good!

Firstly, you need 2x Rockbiter!!!

Notice that you are heavy in the 4 slot with minions, remember that shaman often as overload on turn 4 (you just used wolves, lightning bolt, whatever), so you could drop the two yeti for the 2 rockbiters.

You are also heavy on the 6 slot, in fact argent commanders are somewhat unncecessary when you have 2 fire elementals, so I would drop 1 or 2 argents and take 1 bloodlust and 1 cairne.

Personally I found gadgetzan to be somewhat unrealiable, so I use mana tide instead.

Otherwise, looks solid. Have fun!
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Depends on what legendaries you have. If you want to know the Cookie cutter changes: Replace rag with Al'Akir, replace both yeti's with Cairne/Bloodmage thalnos, and replace 1 Argent commander with another rockbiter weapon. I've seen people run with knife juggler, but they generally do not replace mana tide totem. I'm running with Al'Akir/Doomhammer, but I don't see a problem with running rag if you find it useful. Next time you play it, just think to yourself "Would Al'Akir of been better or worse in this same situation"
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Personally would replace knife juggler with mana tide totem, other than that my shaman deck looked exactly the same as this at one point. Rockbiters i never found so neccesary if you don't run burst cards like Alakir and Leeroy, I generally had enough removal without taking damage or sacrificing totems using them.
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Thanks for the help guys.
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