How to fix priest - fix velen

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Velen's biggest problem in my opinion is he offers no board impact or control. By the time you can drop Velen his hero power seems underwhelming. Here are my suggestions to give priest the slight buff they need and bring Velen in line with other class legendaries.

Suggestion 1:
Change Velen to: 2/6, 4 mana; spells, minions, and hero powers that heal or increase health have their cost reduced to 1/2 it's default value (round up).

Suggestion 2:
Change Velen to: 2/6, 4 mana; whenever you or a minion you control heals you have a 50% chance to draw a card.
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No, Velen's hero power is great, the problem is the ridiculous high mana cost. Velen should be a 4/6 with 5 mana cost; so that we can throw the 4-5 mana-spells that we took with thoughtsteal the other player in the face ^^

Or better: the Bonus to the hero-power should be permanent after defeating Velen with an deathrattle. So even after defeating Velen we still can heal with our hero-power (except he got silenced before)
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Not sure about the stats and mana cost but I like the idea of this mechanic. It has the battlecry: Summon back one of your minion that died in the game plus put the card that killed it in opponent's hand.
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I like velerions idea, it would make this card a very nice one to play, I would even Shadow word death him the following turn after playing him in order to start healing sooner.
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Velen has very strong impact if you already have level 2 shadowform up. 9 mana for a 7/7 and 6 damage is pretty sick.
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04/15/2014 04:43 PMPosted by Skies
Velen has very strong impact if you already have level 2 shadowform up. 9 mana for a 7/7 and 6 damage is pretty sick.

It costs 15 mana probably across 3 turns

Velen would feel about right with a good deathrattle on him, he isn't super terrible right now but he has little immediate impact and isn't terribly hard to trade away at turn 7. You're basically praying that you have Godhanded your opponent in a way that they can't deal with a 7/7 before your next turn after playing it.
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