Hi fellow Druids, I am looking for feedback on how to improve my Ramp Deck (well mine is probably a bit much to say, took the base from the Net..).
I am only R8 but the deck seems to be able Hunters and Warlocks quite well, the decks i faced in my win-streak from R12 to 8** seemed to crumble and fall over if I could get a Taunt or two up..

Anyway enough rambling here is my deck:

2x Innervate
2x Mark of the Wild
2x Wild Growth
2x Wrath
2x Sunfury Protector
1x Big Game Hunter
2x Harvest Golem
2x Swipe
2x Defender of Argus
2x Keeper of the Grove
1x Nourish
2x Druid of the Claw
1x Faceless Manipulator
1x Cairne Bloodhoof
1x The Black Knight
1x Ancient of Lore
1x Ancient of War
1x Ragnaros the Firelord
1x Alexstrasza
1x Ysera

Any feedback would be appreciated.
What I am thinking of now is if I should try got get another Ancient of Lore in, but can't decide what I would take out in that case....