Can you guys help me out with my Hunter Deck?

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I've been able to win a few times with it, but I'm honestly not sure what style deck it is yet. Aggro? Controlling? Mid-Range?

Can someone help me decide it's overall type and then advise on how I can improve it please?

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it looks like u are aiming for more of a midrange style but ur deck seems a bit mismatched and has some stuff i would change.

Snipe: useless imo if its small enough to die from snipe explosive will handle it if its big enough not to then MD/freezing can handle it can hit divine sheilds and just be a total waste .

Big game hunter : no need for him at all so long as u run 2 hunters marks u can kill anyhting u also have 2 deadly shots making BGH even further useless.

Multi shot : again explsoive trap does same thing no need for multi shot BUT explosive shot i can see a good use for it is solid removal good value in mid range deck .

only one starving buzzard and only one kill command , these are key hunter cards u need 2 of each .

faceless seems like a waste as u dont have anyhting with charge in there u can combo off it ( leeory or arcane golem)

stuff like snake trap and razorfen hunter seem a bit lonely without a knife juggler aswell

taz dingo : great card but pretty much usless as a taunt when u are relying more on removal to get rid of big threats instead of using a taunt to stall it

take a look at
way more experienced guy than me wrote up a much more detailed guide of whats good bad and ugly u dont have to follow it 100% but u will get the idea of general strategy and why u use some stuff over others

keep king Krush hes bad !@# XD
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Thank you for your input. Very much appreciated!
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