My Climb Deck

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Hey guys! i just wanted to post this deck and see what you big wigs think about it, what fits in it what does not and where it could improve!

I have had 0 trouble with hunter aggro with this deck! in fact i have not lost to an aggro hunter yet! but cannot seem to climb past 18 :( i get 3 stars in the get pounded back down and not because of issues in my deck but because of bad plays that i recognise almost instantly
i play my turn then immediately think "oh crap i should not have done that and i should have done this"

overall i am having fun with this deck! and i think its fairly strong and maybe im making too many bad plays, please let me know if my deck could improve, it will let me know if it is my deck or if it is my bad plays that is keeping me at rank 18

thanks in advance!
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It's a nice deck! You don't have any 2 mana minions though...Maybe you can play Ancient Watchers and one Sunfury Protector to fill in the early game. Not sure what to take out, because the deck is already pretty good. But if I had to, I would say take out Healing Touch, a Sunwalker and an Earthen Ring Farseer? I don't use Healing Touch, instead I use AoL's heal which is normally enough vs. aggro (Healing Touch is a liability against anything other than aggro). You already have Cairne so 2 Sunwalkers is a little too much in my opinion. And you have enough Taunt with Argus and Druid of the Claw. And Earthen Ring Farseer, well it's good but a bit wasteful if you are forced to play it early and can't heal anything.

It isn't a very good suggestion, I think your deck is very solid as it is, just the early game needs help in my opinion. You could try Wild Growth but I haven't had any experience with that.

If you don't want either of those suggestions, I would suggest either 2x Faerie Dragon or 2x Power of the Wild.

EDIT: Have you considered a Starfall? Works perfectly with 2 Swipes. Good board clear against aggro/swarm.
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well i kept the healing touch and got rid of both earthens for 2 faerie dragons! just hit 17 :D i found the faerie's are a nice addition, i could replace healing touch for star fire, good face damage / removal and card draw ?
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Mmm, I used to like Starfire but they're too slow. 6 mana is way too much for me, sure it is ok for face damage and a good top deck but there are more efficient ways to draw cards with Azure Drake and Ancient of Lore.
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just hit 16 due to a win streak :D

i usually use the AoL for card draw and only a heal if i have to, that's why i want to keep healing touch, at the moment i think i will leave the deck as is and get some more games in before making any card cuts

thanks for the help though, removing the Earthen's was a good idea and i think that's where the problem was
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shove in a stampeding kodo somehwere, it will aid you greatly
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You can remove the sunwalkers. Instead opt for low-cost earthern ring farseers.

That also enables you to get rid of the healing touch
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