Is spell damage useful for paladin?

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I was recently thinking about building a paladin deck.

I main shaman.Azure is most likely my most effective card.

Does spell damage work with Paladins?

Apologies for grammar,As i am an idiot.
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Not really, we mostly just do equality board clears and that just takes 1 dmg for all so pyromancers are preferred over spell damage. Of course, Bloodmage Thalnos is quite good as you can combo it with consecrate for a surprise boardclear if opponent tries to go past it, but pyromancer serves the same purpose.
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Outside of Thalnos and Azure Drakes, generally not worth running the minions.
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I own Thalnos, but I'm not running it any of my paladin decks. Most board clearing comes with Equality.

But I can see it might be decent turn 6< removal with consecration. Since it doesn't change your minion health to 1. I probably have to try him and see if its enough value.
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I use Azure Drake on my paladin.I think it's worth it but that's the only spell damage card i have in my deck.
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i tried a spell damage with a bunch of spell minions, didnt work. Fell behid because hammer of wrath/consecrate/holy wrath are too expensive. only time you can take advantage is late game because if you throw down kobold early, they will get taken out. If you throw down azure, you essentially ahve to wait a turn to take advantage because likely azure will get taken out the next turn with only 4 hp.

by the time you want to combo, it is late game and you probably have less than 10 health and by that time, you are probably alive because you used up your board clears. So if they start dropping huge minions, you can't make it up.

Just wont work, paladin need cheaper removal spells.
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Many moons ago I tried stuffing a few +spell damage minions.
They were totally not worth it since they either cost too much (ogres) or do too little (kobolds).
Bloodmage is an exception because he's cheap AND cycles himself with his deathrattle.

Not to mention paladin removals are quite expensive (4 mana) so you either have to drop the +spell minion on the turn before & hope they survive (Not likely) or wait & take quite a bit of damage before you can.
Neither situations help Paladin's lack of early game.

And finally, paladin's primary removal is equality + combo.
Since they'll already be set to 1 hp, there's no point in adding +spell damage.
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I find paladin plays better with lots of champ buffing rather than the direct dmg spells. but then im only rank 15 and don't have legendary epics in the deck yet. So take that for what its worth.
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On second thought, I added one ancient mage. he works better in paladin than regular spell dmg champs cuz you place the buff on TWO adjacent champs (and paladins like champs) so you can place it on champs hiding behind a taunt champ or divine shielded or whatever. If you cant get a spell off the same turn, youre likely to have at least one spell dmg champ out next turn. while the mage himself threatens 4 dmg. gives hammer and concentration some late game punch. Wanting an avenging wrath in a bad way now.
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I have just created a full spell damage paladin deck. By far the best card is Ancient Mage. I have added a little taunt in the form of shieldmastas and Defenders of Argus. I have used avenging wrath in a game for 12 damage (not bad for 6 mana) I also use Holy Wrath which many state is a bad card but as a lot of my deck is 4+ mana (Couple of 8s and 7s in their too) I am finding it not too bad. I have dealt 4 damage and I have dealt 7 both of which earned me a card as well. Holy Wrath is not effected by spell damage unfortunately (which is why I put it in the deck) but it is a lot better than people think.

Early days of the deck yet, played 3 and won 3. Added the 8 mana heal and draw 3 card as well (cannot remember the name of it) and it has to be said that has saved me twice now so it is a deck that takes a lot of early grief.

There's a lot more to the deck than the cards I have mentioned but I am useless at card names. Bloodmage is an excellent card for the deck and I have the two mana divine shield minion which helps protect them in time for the damage spells to come out!
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