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I apologise if there have been threads like this before.

I've put together a few card ideas using this website: - if anyone else has a suggestion for a Shaman card then feel free to add their own. Just be sure to save your image to a dedicated image host like Photobucket or Imgur, otherwise the image will disappear after a while.

Anywho, here are my suggestions. It's likely that they're far too overpowered as I'm not that great with balancing.

I'm of the opinion that all classes should have access to Secrets, so that's why I've added some. Please let me know what you think and be sure to add your own :D

I've changed image hosts so the cards are easier to see. They are now organised better.
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Thanks for the site to make cards.

Totemic might: Looks good. Cost more but enough to make it much more useful. Once there are more totem cards this could be very useful for a totem themed deck like murloc.

Elemental Blast: Overloads are 1-3. The vast majority is 2. Unbound elemental stays in play and can keep getting more bonuses. For a 1 time spell effected on overload it needs to be stronger. If it only gets 2 overload for and cost 1 mp its no better off than arcane shot. If it costs 0 that maybe too good. Rouge combos are better than normal because its a combo. This is a combo but even more reliant on a particular kind of effect. Maybe it could just give 2 damage per the number of overloads you played the previous turn. So if you played bolt + ferals that is 2 effects for 4 damage for 1mp. For an unbound elemental with bolt + ferlas it would be +2/+2. This maybe a bit more fair. Generally i only play 1 overload card a turn but some times ive overloaded 3-5 but not often. Doing 3 damage for 1mp for a conditional combo is fair I guess but only slightly. Rouges back stab is 2 but conditional for 0mp. Maybe make it cost 0mp. Maybe have it like a combo card that just has a flat effect. Such as 1mp for 4 damage if you played a overload card that turn or maybe the turn before which ever. 1mp for 4 damage could be good. Think it needs to be slightly better but not 100% how.

Healing wave: Same as existing card. I suggest a slight difference in some way. There are very few cards with 100% effect/cost in different classes. If shaman is not as good at healing as priest, paladin and druid maybe 2mp for 5healing or 2mp +1 overload for 6 healing ect. Shaman need a self heal great.

Earth shield: This is an inferior ice shield because it provides armor which is potentially better. Because its healing instead of armor make it 2mp as a trade off or make the healing 10-12. Like the idea.

Astral shift: Is this like noble sacrifice that prevents the attack? Or does it prevent further damage? If it only prevents further damage that would be very limiting since most attacks kill the minion instead of several attacks. Like the idea of making the 1 minion immune. The only problem would be they could attack a lower priority target first. Nobel sacrifice the minion can be attack by the next attack but this makes it so it cant be killed by a minion. It could be killed with a spell though. Could be great with a taunt to make it so with attacking alone they just cant kill it to get past it. That would be nice for ferals or earth elemental or many other taunts.

Reflector Totem: Does this prevent the damage to the minion? Eye for an eye does not prevent it but 100% reflect it. It should prevent the damage as a partial counterspell or noble sacrifice and reflect 100% back to the player. Maybe it should work for minions that deal damage on play like eleven archer or fire elemental to reflect it back to the shooting target. Like the idea. Shaman are in dire need of defenses to the player and this would help.

Reincarnation: Its an overall inferior ice block which makes you immune the entire turn. To make it different maybe set hp to 7-10hp which is still in kill range.

Ascendance: This would be amazing but is unbalanced. The priest one switches healing for damage so its a trade. This has no down side. Compared to shadow form which is 3mp this is 2x as much mp and 2 overload which is much more mp. I would add a disadvantage such as when played it destroys all your basic hero power totems. That way you cant stack both and could set you back a few turns in utility. It could be too powerful. I like the cards it makes. In threads on totems a similar concept was discussed as a way to replace the hero power with something else relating to totems such as stronger totems or a totem that buffed the rest. Love the idea maybe too strong. For 6mp on turn that is a late game play and use most of you mp if you plan to make 1 of these elementals. Could make interesting synergy if they make both more totem and elemental related effects. Then you would have to decide how to use this.

Alakir: You did what many have suggested. Did -1mp and -taunt. This makes it cheaper and able to be put behind a taunt. This could make it some what better. Do wish it was even a bit better. Such as 6mp 3 overload 4/7 charge, windfury, divine shield.
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Hey, CombatMist, thanks for the feedback! :D I've edited those cards to make them more balanced based on what you had to say. Be sure to check the updated cards in the link.

Elemental Blast: Deal 2 damage. If Overloaded this turn deal 4 damage instead.
Kind of like a Combo but with a Shaman twist.

Healing Wave: 1 Mana, Restore 4 health. I thought of this based on the pattern between Healing Touch and Holy Light. Healing Touch is 3MP 8 Healing, Holy Light is 2MP 6 Healing, so I figured if we downscale the mana cost to match Shaman's cheap spells it fit quite well.

Earth Shield: Editted the effect to make it more unique. It still heals 8 health, but this time *before* you take any damage, and then it halves the damage you take from the spell/attack. Could be handy in emergencies.

Astral Shift: Wording clarified. Might not be the best Secret ever but it could be incredibly useful for preserving a big taunt like Earth Elemental.

Reflector Totem: Wording clarified. I figured it should just be for spells, since countering abilities might be a bit much. You can still throw a Pyro back at a Mage's face for 5 damage and laugh at them.

Reincarnation: Might still be a bit too samey to Ice Block. I thought that maybe any more than 8 health would be a bit OP? 10 might be pushing it.

Ascendance: Added your suggestion of destroying currently in-play basic totems (not ones like Mana Tide or Flametongue) and I upped the Overload cost to 3 to make it quite risky to play. It's essentially a 9 MP card similar to Jarraxus.

I've added some more minions to the list. Take a look and let me know what you think =]
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I like how you're being proactive. And totally agree. Shaman and some other classes need some changes to their cards! Here's my two cents.

Healing Wave: I like it being either 1 for 4 Health or (like Paladin) 2 for 6 (Overoad 1). Shaman had about the same healing capacity as a Paladin. But not quite the same as a Druid.

Totemic Might: Too overpowered. This is a hero ability we're talking about. Sure it's a card. But at the cost of 1, if you have 2 or more totems on the field, that's just…insane. And if it costs too much, like say, 3 or 4, then with the text as is, a flame strike will wipe it all.

Elemental Blast: I like it! Except the art. A Dwarven Shaman? Really? Anyway, I like the text as is. Or add Overload, as it is an Elemental Blast.

Nagrand Elementalist: Again, I think it's too powerful. +2 HP is good. Sure it has Overload, but it's played the turn following a Fire Elemental. One health is plenty. No overload needed for a minion to me though. If it's a battle cry then it's a viable 2 drop.

Totem Binder: Probably should cost 4.

I don't like the ideas of Shaman having secrets. And I think those Secrets in general are too strong.

I do like Ascendance, though it should cost more. I like that though because it still has RNG that Shaman hero power is. I think the elementals are a little too powerful. You hero power and get a vanilla 2/2? Maybe a 1/2. I just see that getting out of hand.

Al-Akir: I think he's fine at 8. If he was changed to 7 he'd be played far too much. Again him costing 8 allows the use of a flame tongue or ancestral spirit.

Great work though!
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Good work. Hope devs take a look and consider things as this.

Healing wave: Like it better. Its at least unique. I agree with SylvaCoin on this. Im not a wow player so not sure how strong a healer shaman is meant to be. At 4 healing im not sure many would use it. Earthen ring is only used by some because 3 healing is a little weak compared to voodoo being 1/3 the mp. As is healing touch and holy light can hit player or minions. Again im not a wow player so i dont know. If healing wave only effected the player it could be 25-50% more powerful. 4 healing would still be considered pretty low. As SylvaCoin said if it was 2mp, 1 overload, heal 6 that could work. Its overall worse than paladin but 6 is effective enough to consider it. 6 healing is enough to heal to full the vast majority of minions without over healing too much. Healing touch for druid on minions even on their huge stuff like say iron bark or ancient of war will probably over heal a 2-4. 6 healing seems like a fair number. Its enough to heal most minions to full and enough of a life boost to player to make a difference. Generally healing less than 6 is sort of a meh when I see it played I dont care much about it when i see others do that. Healing wave could also be 1mp, overlaod 1, heal 4, draw 1 card. Mana tide is very strong so devs have to be very carful giving anything shaman cards that as added effect draw cards but would be nice to have something.

Totemic might: Currently its +0/+2 for 0mp. Think it could be fair at 1mp for +1/+2. It is not effecting any totems played after. When I have seen people play this against me. Its like the tutorial vs Millhouse Manastorm. "O how cute you played totemic might" (instead of murloc raider). Its a joke because it just an inferior card to almost everything. I think its fair this way. To be better than say blessing of might for 1mp it would need to hit 2 totems for 6 stat points instead of 3. Most people clear totems quickly so its hard to get 3+ totems on board. Like bloodlust you need to have a lot on board. The basic totems can still be taken out by flame strike.

Elemental blast: Like the direction of it. Compared to Eviscerate it is inferior. Should it be? Maybe... maybe not. Its inferior because combos work on any cards played and this is only for overloads which is much fewer. Do like the idea of having an effect without overload. Maybe make it 2mp, 2 damage to target. If overloaded it instead deals 5 damage. That would make it do same as lava with less mp but conditional. Also consider that the turn your overlaoded it will probably be 2 which makes the mp cost of using elemental blast maybe a lot of your remaining mp. If you played ferals turn 3 and turn 4 overloaded 2 you have 2 mp and must choose between the 1mp spells, storm ax, flame tongue and elemental blast. Maybe make it slightly better than that. Maybe 2 mp, 1 overload. Deal 2 damage to target. If overloaded deal 6. That would make it a total of 1mp less than fireball for 1 damage less but its conditional. If that is too strong maybe 1mp, 2 overload instead, deal 2 damage. If overloaded deal 5 instead. I like the idea of being 2 mp since shaman could use more 2mp cards.

Nagrand Elementalist: It could be too strong. If combined with ascendance would make your hero power elementals 2/4s and that it very strong. Also there are few elementals. There is only 1 neutral elemental and mage with 1. There are few elementals and all are medium-big threats. Im guessing you based this off of flame tongue. You made it all instead of adjacent for a tribal buff that seems fair. You gave it overload for the 2 attack instead of 0. It could be a bit strong in theory. Maybe 1/3. 2/3 for 2mp is fairly rare and can be hard to kill. There are not many elementals so currently it like totemic might it has trouble justifying using it as there are just not enough in the tribe to get great use out of it. I could see it have great use if 2x as many elementals especially more low mp ones. Like the idea. There needs to be a dire wolf or raid leader for hp but there isnt. Like the idea but it could be useless or abusive. Giving any of the current elementals +2 hp puts them out of range of so much damage spells it would be very hard to kill them.

Totemic binder: I like it. Compared to questing adventure its fair because it not on any card played but whats on board and as said its hard to get 3+ totems out many games. Especially since it cant grow more. Like the idea of turning totems into an indirect resource. If compared to unbound elemental it cant keep growing but gains a buff based on board. As such its not a great turn 3 minion. With 1 totem out its s 3/4 which is 7 points instead of 6 which is only slightly better. If 2 totems out its 4/6 which puts it above a starting unbound or equal to an unbound with 2 buffs. Id say its a fair trade off because it will be hard to get many totems out especially early. Cant think of many directly similar minions to this. Because it cant keep growing and hard to get many totems out i would consider making it even better. Maybe base stats 2/3 then with 1 totem its a 3/5 which is the same as unbound +1 overload played which is fair.

Secrets: I think all classes should be allowed secrets. Why? Because secrets are a way to potentially get an effect for 1/2 mp cost and hunters secrets are overall the best and give them huge mp advantage.

Astral Shift: Like it. If you have 1 minions on both boards lets compare some secrets. Noble sacrifice will block the attack and attacker takes 2 damage from 2/1 but can still die to spells or a 2nd attack but with 1 minion say your best its strong. Misdirection also prevents the attack and redirects it to 1 of the players and again the minion cant die to 1 attack but still with spells or targeting the player with 50% chance. Spell bended is the mage secret to protect a minion as the other 2 but its from a spell not an attack and again makes killing your 1 best minion very hard to deal with. Along those lines this is fair. It can still be killed with spells, battle cries and death rattles but just not to attacks. Think its good where it is. Like the above secrets they can predict it and just attack your weakest minion 1st as to lure out a paladins redemption.

Earth shield: Love it. Feels unique and fair. They can still lure out with a weak attack.

Reflector totem: Love it. Feels unique and fair. They can still lure out with a weaker spell. This could really hurt vs mages with fire ball and pyro blast. Would force them to use frost bolt or something to trigger it. Shaman are highly lacking in defensive features and i like this.

Reincarnation: Still dont like it. Earth shield 1/2 1st attack then 8hp and this prevents killing blow then 8hp. They are in a way very similar. Id just go with earth shield. Maybe make each more different. A mage makes them immune the rest of the turn but this they can still die.

Twilight ascendant: As elementalist there are just not enough elementals to make use of it. If and when they add more elementals it could be of use. As is it could only gain unbound and earth elemental ability. The fire elemental and frost are battle cries so it would not gain those. If it could get the battle cry to work from fire and frost it could have use. Just wish there were more elementals. I dont know why light spawn is not an elemental and a few others.

Ascendance: Like it. Its a high price mp card as earth elemental. It has risk with removing your basic totems and overlaod. If you can get it out and keep pumping out 2/2 elementals that will win the game in a few turns probably. A priest do 2 damage with theirs is strong but often compromises many of their other healing related synergy. Doing 2 damage a few times has gotten out of control and they could keep zapping me or my minions and allowed them to win in time. I agree above on this. It may still be too strong 2/2s. Just the ability buff on each is fairly strong. Maybe making them 1/2s would be better. They would all get +1 stat point and more ability. Priest just converts it to damage. This is an upgrade. Maybe make the mp cost 6 and overload 2 but make them 1/2s. Love the idea especially for rush. At 2/2 they can kill 2mp minions which a priest could also do but had to keep shooting but with this they could keep attacking before dying. Maybe make 2nd use of ascendance give +1 attack that making them all 2/2s. The upgrade to abilities is already pretty strong. Maybe make it 6mp and just improve the abilities would still be strong. Healing 2 would make it hard to kill your stuff and allow easier trades. +2 sp would allow any damage spell to be magnitudes stronger. The taunt didnt gain but maybe give it divine shield + taunt or 1/2 instead of improving ability. The improved searing would be quite annoying and could be good.

Windlord: Very situational and wish it had a more defined role. Its ability is extreme flexibility but to the point of having no focus and high strengths.
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A "Chain Heal" would be great.

5 cost: Heal one target for 4 and jump to 3 other random friendly units for 3, 2, 1.

Bust out the "Chain Lightning" while we're at it.

5 cost: Hit one target for 4 and jump to 3 other random enemy minions for 3, 2, 1. Overcharge (2).

Lightning Shield: 3 cost: Summon 3 damage orbs. Each time the shaman is hit, attacker takes 2. Overcharge (2).

I'm sure costs on those would need adjusting.
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Shaman really needs a good heal I like the idea of 2mp 1 overload for 6 healing OR 2mp 1 overload for 4 healing on one character and 1 healing on all other friendly characters(reverse swipe) OR 2mp 1 overload for 4 healing target character 2 healing another random character and 1 healing a different random character.

I'm not sure about everything else and I may comment on it later but now it's time for me to sleep....zzz....
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Damn OP I really like the creativity of the cards you made. I think the earth shield concept would be a cool idea if you could put it on a minion as well.
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I do like Ascendance, though it should cost more. I like that though because it still has RNG that Shaman hero power is. I think the elementals are a little too powerful. You hero power and get a vanilla 2/2? Maybe a 1/2. I just see that getting out of hand.


o thoink the 4 elementals are the ones you summon w/ it
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really cool imagination!
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Thanks for all the feedback! I've added a few more ideas for Chain Heal, Water Shield and Lightning Shield while rebalancing the other cards. I still don't know what to do with Reincarnation though.

Totemic Might: 1MP - Give your totems +1/+1.

Nagrand Elementalist: 2MP, 2ATK/3HP - Battlecry: Friendly Elemental minions gain +1/+1.

Elemental Blast: 2MP - Deal 2 damage. If Overloaded this turn deal 5 damage.

Totem Binder: 3MP, 2ATK/2HP - Gain +1/+1 for each of your totems on the field.

Twilight Ascendant: 5MP, 4ATK/4HP - Battlecry: Gain the text ability of a targeted Elemental minion. (Imagine copying Ragnaros or Al'Akir's abilities? Scary!)

Ascendance: 6MP - Destroy your basic totems. Your hero power becomes 'Summon a random elemental'. If already active elementals gain an additional +1/+1. Overload: (2).

As Deadlyroot says, I meant to imply that the Bound Vortex, Inferno, Torrent and Rumbler were the elementals that come with the random summon power. I should have made that clearer, my apologies. I've rebalanced them to make them more like 2MP drops. They gain +1/+1 from the original totems, though Bound Inferno gains a new ability to keep it interesting like the other minions:

Bound Vortex: 2MP - 1ATK/3HP - Spell Power +1
Bound Torrent: 2MP - 1ATK/3HP - At the end of your turn restore 1 health to all friendly minions.
Bound Rumbler: 2MP - 1ATK/3HP - Taunt
Bound Inferno: 2MP - 2ATK/2HP - At the end of your turn deal 1 damage to a random enemy.

Let me know what you all think =]
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Really nice cards OP. Too bad that there isn't some kind of test mode, where we could create and test our own cards. Content created by players could get this game really far. :)

Personally my biggest problem with the shaman is the next round after overload - look at the Earth elemental, it is almost "I lose" button. In the worst case scenario you get manipulated, removed and gged by the opponent. As it is now, it is really too dangerous. So I would like to see some cards that could fill these mana voids.


1) 4 mana 4/4 Overload Eater - This card costs 1 less mana per overload.
- this way it would be possible to do combos like: throw Unbound at turn 2 with coin, Feral spirits at turn 3, Overload Eater at turn 4 etc.

2) 5 mana 3/4 Overload Overlord - Battlecry: Gain +2/+1 per overload.
or smaller version: 3 mana 3/3- Battlecry: Gain +1/+1 per overload.

3) 2 mana spell Rockslide - Summon 3/2 Small Earth Elemental per overload
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I've added another card based on your suggestions, Archaell, the "Surging Construct" and the "Storm Rager". They probably need rebalancing. Let me know what you all think =]

Edit: Also added another minion idea :D the "Frost Witch.
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this Bound rumbler Taunt with 2 mana? Voidwalker is 1-3 with 1 mana
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04/15/2014 03:34 AMPosted by fullthrottl3
this Bound rumbler Taunt with 2 mana? Voidwalker is 1-3 with 1 mana

The "Bound" elemental minions are from the idea of a new Hero Power triggered by the "Ascendance" spell. The idea would be to summon a random elemental in place of the totems. The Bound Rumbler would be in place of Stoneclaw Totem. The mana cost was simply reflective of the Hero Power cost which is 2 mana. I guess the actual card's cost could be 1 mana to mimic the individual totem's cost of 1 mana, in case they are returned to your hand.
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