How to mulligan versus: Warlock

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I've been having a lot of problem versus warlock around rank 10-8 recently.

Every second game is a damned warlock!

Handlock I can usually handle with a strong early game (argent squire, flametongue, wolves) - earth shock on the twilight drake, hex or faceless on giants when they come out.

But "zoo" warlock or "murloc" warlock keep kicking my butt, and I've tried everything. A strong early game really can't get past them. And if I play wolves or lightning, I might be able to clear the board but they recover on my overload turn and start winning from the turn after that.

So what are the key cards to beat warlock "zoo" or "murloc" ??

Surprisingly, the only card that has won me some games versus them is Stormforged Axe - should I consider running 2x Axe in my deck?

Else what cards will help?

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I always try to get stormforged axe,earth shock or lightning storm,some other cards like argent squire or feral spirit can be really good too.i recomend to never keep unbound elemental or flametongue totem against any kind of warlock and always keep other removals like rockbitter weapon and lightning bolt.
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Ok, I think I'll add another axe to my deck since i have tried all the other cards without great success.
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I find the best way to deal with zoo or murlocs is to let them build a board THEN zap it with lightning storm. I only keep real powerful minions like warleaders, tidecallers and knife jugglers under control using an axe, earth shock and lightning bolt for removal, or feral spirit to slow them down. The thing with zoo and murlocs at lower ranks is they tend run their hand down really quickly without actually doing too much damage, then when you lightning storm 6 minions whilst they've got 1 card in hand it ruins them. Once I've dealt with their board I usually start playing for a burst finish.
Going first I mulligan for axe, earth shock and feral spirit. Going second I mulligan for unbound elemental, feral spirit and axe.
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Do you have strong Taunts or beefy minions? Sunfury Protectors can really impede Murloc decks, even if you just Sunfury your totems (granted, this is merely a stalling tactic).
Can you keep up with Warlocks card draw with Mana Tides etc.?

Try to go for Warlocks face when their board allows it, less health he has less likely he'll Life Tap. Sudden burst to the face can cripple their tempo permanently, even if Stormforged Axe to the face usually doesn't make sense vs aggro-Warlock it means one less Life Tap.
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Rush and handlonk warlocks are on 2 different ends of the spectrum. This is an advantage for warlock because the foe does not know for maybe 1-2 turns for which it is. As such vs any warlock i throw away any card with 4+mp 100%. Hand lock you have a few early turns to recover but zoo/murloc you cant recover from a few bad early turns. As such I suggest leaning towards anti rush vs warlock. Earth shock is great vs both because hand locks twilight drake and silence taunts and vs rush it kills squire/crusader and good vs a few others they may run. Lightning bolt/rockbitter are great vs both having void walkers and other warlock cheap minions to either clear their board to push it your way. Storm ax is along the same lines as bolt/bitter but can potentially kill 3 minions. Ferals is always a welcome to opening hand to slow rush or control board vs handlock. If I get a storm ill probably keep it unless the other cards are ferals and 1 of the others above. Id rather have things vs rush than handlock if I had to choose. Those are what i would muligan for vs any warlock not knowing their deck.

Warlocks are the most played class currently. They have so much rush power with life tap and many very strong low mp minions.

Warlock is the only class that 10-20hp may refuse to use their hero power from that point forward. That is a weakness in a way. It makes warlocks have a hard time vs good sustain and stall. They have strong early tempo but cant keep it up without serious pain.
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Amji - strong taunts, well I was using 2 Senjin for a while. Plus wolves. To be honest the senjin doesnt help alot, since i might have used lightning or wolves on turn 3, and if I didnt then the senjin wont survive more than 2 hits.

Now I just play 1 Senjin - I took the other out to add a second axe... 2 Axes helps a lot.
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The problem with axe is that it is a terrible card against anything but zoo warlock. With the fall of tinkmaster and the rise of ooze/harrison, it is just a bad card. If are you are playing one evening and keep running into zoo, consider putting it in until you stop seeing zoo, then take it back out. Swap out lavaburst if you run those.

Otherwise, as others have noted, your only hope is to pray you draw both your lightning storms and earthshocks early.
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Warlock is the most played class right now. Then hunter and warrior. Warlocks are say 1/2 rush decks. Most hunters are rush. Warrior is generally control. As such its viable vs 2/3 of the top 3 classes. I too have seen more ooze lately. Still have not seen harrison jones every played against me ever but im sure more are using it. Storm ax is till not bad it if manages to get 2 hits off as they may not have it in hand or waiting for doom hammer which I dont own so it wont happen.
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