Hello, this is my deck and im having trouble with some classes like mage and warlock, plz help.

I dont know if im xtremly bad lucky, or my deck is real wrong... I play this game quite fine, I managed to get 12-1 at arena once, and I do 7+ quite often.

1x Ironbark protector
1x Ancient of lore
1x Faceless manipulator
2x Druid of the claw
2x Keeper of the grove
2x Defender of argus
2x Ancient watcher
1x Gadgetzan Auctioneer
2x Harvest Golem
2x Azure Drake
1x Nat pagle (my only legendary, dont really know if keep here or not)

2x Swipe
1x Starfire
2x Wrath
1x Starfall
2x Nourish
2x Mark of the wild
1x Naturalize
2x Innervate

Im on rank 17~ and I want to reach at least 10, please help :)