I've been using this deck for the last week or so, but not doing too great.


Not pictured:

Starfire, Ancient of Lore, Ancient of War, Ironbark Protector

Most of my losses are real squeakers. One or two specific cards I didn't draw or another turn or two could have given me a win. And of course there are the games where I get nothing, and the other guy gets all his perfect cards and they win in 3 or 4 turns.

The games I win, especially against rush decks, my health will often fall down to the low teens before I can grab control of the board and crush the enemy with my big guns. But I assume that's the way this kind of deck should play.

I picked Druid, because almost the only epics I have are the 2 Ancients, and only 1 Legendary (Lorewalker Cho). Other possible cards I have that aren't already in the deck are:

Soul of the Forest (x1)
Nourish (x1)
Savagery (x2)

Abomination (x1)
Defender of Argus (x1)
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