My take on token druid

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Usually I play bash-up/ mid range druid. But I was losing consistently to both control and rush decks.

So, I created a token druid deck:

Innervate * 2
Acidic Swamp Ooze * 2
Healing Touch
Savage Roar * 2
Big Game Hunter
Earthern Ring Farseer * 2
Swipe * 2
Chillwind Yeti * 2
Keeper of the Grove * 2
Violet Teacher * 2
Defender of Argus * 2
Leeroy Jenkins
Druid of the claw * 2
Faceless Manipulator
Force of Nature * 2
Ancient of Lore
Illidan Stormrage

Overall this deck relies on the burst damage provided by the Savage Roar/ FoN combo plus any tokens that may have been generated.

Ideally get the yetis/ violet teacher out early to control the board against rush decks.

Druid of the claw/ Leeroy/ Starfire are used as finishers in case you run out of steam or need urgent removal.

Illidan almost always uses up the hexes/ polymorphs and acts as a big removal target. If he is not removed, then he usually finishes the game.
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a lot of people will say FoN is gimmicky.. meaning it's not a good consistent damage, plus you have to wait get 9 mana.

I tried that myself.. it never worked for me, a ramp deck worked the best.
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Ramp decks get crushed against the aggro zoo/ hunter decks IMHO.
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