New Shaman card in Naxx, what would you like?

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What card would you like to see added in the Naxx expansion? I know must will say a healing card. I came up with this:

Flametongue Weapon - 0 mana
Adds your weapon damage as + Spell Damage to any damaging spell but causes 1 durability loss on the weapon each time it is used.

This would give +2 spell power since Shaman weapons are all two damage. The enchantment is tied to the weapon so once it losses all durability (or is oozed), the flametongue weapon is gone as well. Casting it twice on the same weapon would do nothing.
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Soul Mender - 3/4 2 mana overload 2

Whenever opponent's creature with deathrattle dies, deathrattle does not activate.

Would be nice counter against deathrattle hype and legends like Cairne or Sylvanas.
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I like the soul mender idea. My thoughts on Flametongue weapon was it feels bursty like a Shaman and it makes Doomhammer a more playable card because on turn 7 I could spend 4 durability with a lightning bolt and an earth shock and two hits to the face. The idea would probably be better as a weapon itself instead of a spell. This would make it a variant on SoJ.
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Random idea.. Since it's a Death (or Deathrattle) themed bunch of cards.. A cheap, weak minion with the effect "Deathrattle: Clear all pending overload." Note the "pending" keyword, not current; so the row below our mana crystals showing how many will be locked next turn.

I think it could have some interesting uses, and with careful play, you could build a massive overload and clear it for a powerhouse turn. It might actually make people more willing to run stuff like Dust Devils and Forked Lightning, but a scenario I could see as more likely would be say, playing it late-game with a Lightning Storm. Now the opponent don't wanna kill that minion right away, or they'll free up two of your mana on the next turn. So next turn you can drop some heavy overload stuff, like a Lava Burst + Doomhammer/EE and suicide the guy to clear that 5 overload, or 2x Dust Devil, Forked Lightning, Doomhammer/EE and clear the NINE overload. :D

Another idea.. Deathrattle: Draw a card for each friendly totem in play. The opponent would have to either kill it with an AoE so all the totems die at the same time to prevent draws, or they have to kill all the totems first instead, effectively turning all your totems into soft-taunts.
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I realize it probably won't happen, but !@#$%^- does Shaman need heal. There is no way to recover health besides crappy neutral health restore, a travesty for a weapon-based class. How about a healing totem that acts like a Lightwell, but with less health? All the card totems seem to be 0/3, so make it a 0/3 with the effect "at the end of your turn, restore three health to a random character".

Also, considering class balance has to be maintained, what rarity do you think the new class cards will be? They all have to be the same, but people are expecting strong modifiers to their classes. So, where does that leave us? A new Rare? A new Epic? or is it just going to be Soulbound?
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I don't think that shaman needs + spell power that much. But another weapon could be great. Let's see... what about 3/2 weapon for 3 mana, that would get +1 dur. per overload point? Something like Eaglehorn Bow.

The overload clear as deathrattle doesn't seem realiable, but we definitely need some way to remove it. It could work, but it could be even better if the deathrattle ability was: "Give adjacent minions - Decrease overload cost of cards by 1."

The deathrattle totem draw... I wouldn't be so keen on it. Thanks to hunter and rush decks, you wouldn't be able to use it that much... not to mention all the board wipes.

Now for the lightwell, better leave that one with priest. Heals are real problem atm so we definitely need something. I read an suggestion about reversed weapons, which could do miracles. For exmaple: The Healing Hammer 3/4 for 2 + 2 overload (I just love the symetry of this cost), but instead of damage it would heal?

About the rarity, I have a bad feeling that in Nax we will get only one copy of a card and for that reason we would be really lucky to get rares.
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Like my Flametongue weapon idea, an Earthliving weapon card which allows you to heal for weapon damage but reduces the durability of the weapon would work similarly to your Healing Hammer idea. The reason I am suggesting them as spells is because that is how they work in WoW and because Doomhammer has so much durability. I like the idea of dropping Doomhammer then Earthliving Weapon and healing myself 16 points even though it consumes the hammer.
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I would like to see the replacement heal that we've been promised since the Healing Totem nerf....

...still waiting...

Any kind of self heal!
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1 Durability per point of Overload? No. OP. 3 Durability from one Earth Elemental? No. :P

1 Durability when an Overload card is played? Seems more reasonable. Still don't think Shaman needs MORE clear cards considering how annoying all the lightning spells and rockbiter and stormforged axe for 2 health targets or rockbitering that for 5 damage... No sir, plenty of Shaman clear already exists. Probably not cool with it being 3/2, certainly not at a mana value that allows it to be played in the very early game when you'd want to have a 3/2. Just don't see a need for it or room to have it and still be balanced.
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In all fairness, they don't even need a new card. Just add an effect to ancestral healing "when cast on hero, restore 5 health". Add a mana cost if needs be, it'd start getting used in decks for once.

Hell, or add a low costing card "totemic empowerment", and allow it to empower one of your totems, effect differing depending on which one.
-Searing totem does one damage in an AOE, like Baron Geddon, but only to enemies.
-Gives Stoneclaw totem +4 health
-Adds +1 Spellpower to Wrath of Air totem
-Healing Totem now heals the Shaman for 2 health each turn
-Mana Tide totem adds an additional mana crystal while the totem remains in play
-Flametongue totem gives adjacent allies an additional +2 attack (so +4 total)

It'd make totem decks possible, and would actually make totemic might a useful card.
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Secret: Reincarnation: when you take lethal damage, return to life at 12 health.

Not as bad as Ice block since with iceblock, you get to be invincible for the remainder of the turn.
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Few more ideas:

1 mana 1 overload 2/2 Minion: Deathrattle: Heal friendly characters for 1.

2 mana 1 overload Spell: Give your minions Deathrattle: Heal your hero for 3.

2 mana 1 overload 3/3 Minion: Deathrattle: Give your hero 5 armor.

4 mana 4/4 Minion: Whenever a minion takes damage heal your hero for 1.

4 mana 4/4 Minion: Battlecry: Heal your hero for 4
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Im guessing all classes get 1-2 new cards. I really hope not a common. If we are lucky we can get a new epic/legend to replace out bad ones...

The things I think a shaman really needs are:
Self heal/armor because we have weapons and it hurts. Also dont know why they hit healing totem with the nerf bat and gave us nothing for it. Maybe that was the tipping point for shaman needing healing and not.

Weapon synergy. 1 more card that works with weapons as rock bitter. Many classes have more to work with weapons. If we had 1 more I could see really focusing on weapons.

Aoe because we only have 1 full 1. All classes besides shaman and priest have 2+ full aoe damage effects. I dont know why they refuse to give an other aoe. Would love to get chain lightning or anything. Even changing forked lightning to be lightly better would work.

Overloads cards because we only have unbound to synergy with it. Could be a spell that works on overload for say healing or damage.

Totems because we only have 2 cards. If they want totemic might to be viable we need many more totem cards. The existing totems are good and if there were 2+ more totem cards maybe viable to use totemic might.

With the new cards I really hope there is some cards in the set to counter death rattle. Such as one a minion that prevents death rattles from triggering while in play or a neutral mass dispel or some thing. If the other 25/30 cards are so death rattle heavy there could be a problem. If they dont build in a way to deal with them just about every deck/class will be running owl + spell breaker.

Love those ideas about ways to bring in healing/armor with minions. Hope we get something. As long as its a single effect 5+ healing or secondary effect 3+ healing.
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I want a 3/3 Totem with Deathrattle that heals you for 5 but cost 2 mana and 2 overload. It covers all the things Shamans need: totem, self-half, overload, and death-themed.
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"Chain Healing"
Heal a friendly Character for 4, and all other friendly characters for 1.

"Lightning Shield" -Acts as a Weapon 0 dmg / 3 charge
When an attacker damages your hero, deal 2 damage that attacker.

"Water Shield" -Acts as a Weapon 0 dmg / 2 charge
When an attacker damages the hero, draw a card.

"Mana Stream Totem"
Gain an extra mana crystal each turn.

"Earthbind Totem"
The enemy hero has one less mana crystal on their turn.
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Love the ideas for new cards.

Chain healing an opposite to swipe. Cool.

Lighting shield. Like the storm ax it would be 6 point effected. It would seem on par with storm ax because storm ax is targeting but you also get hit back. This puts the control on the opponent to decide which get hit but love it. Probably make it the same cost as storm ax. This could counter UTH, zoo and rush so hard. The advantage of this vs ax is it can be activated more than 1 per turn. This acts more as a multi use trap than a weapon. Defensive things tend and things that can be reacted to tend to be more cost effective. In that spirit maybe the cost would be 1 and 1 overload or maybe same as storm ax but make it a 1/3. That way it could still be attacked with but would not be as effective. This is similar to other weapons with a specialty target but still allowed to be used in other ways. Such as justice which is not meant to be attack with but still allowed too or gore howl which is meant to slay minions but allows to hit face with it. Also there are no weapons with 0 attack and would like to stay with that base line. Cant i smack you with my electrified shield as in a shield bash? This counter rush would be very interesting.

Water shield. Same as lightning should have an attack as all other weapons. Maybe instead of dealing damage it freezes as a water elemental? If same price as storm ax it acts as nearly guaranteed 2 draw but no minion/risk of killing it as mana tide. Mana tide generally gets 1-2 cards any ways. This can be countered with weapon destroy but few of them but only 2 cards. Its netting you 1 card on top of it self. If it also could swing for 1 and/or freeze the target it swings at of the target that attack the hero that would be interesting. I like the idea of weapons not meant to be attacking with as a shield. Hope they make some that are defensive as these. Maybe even say armor that maybe reduces all damage your hero takes by 1 but is 1/1 so 1 swing for 1 and its dead.

Mana stream totem: Early-mid game ok-good. When you gain crystals and cant gain any more you gets cards instead as a druid. This would be a mp/draw totem. Dont think it would happen. Its late game 100% better than mana tide and early-mid game you want mp more anyways so its better than mana tide in most ways. Like the idea of gaining crystals but dont think it would happen. Maybe it you already have 10 crystals it instead gets +3/+3 or something.

Earthbind totem: Similar issues with mana stream totem. Early-mid game its good. Late game its meh. Maybe if the owner already has 10 crystals buff its stats or some alternate ability instead. It has a problem some what like innervate. Late game if you never need more than 10mp in a turn the +2 does literally nothing for you unlike gaining crystals at 10 gives you cards.
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How about a low cost totem that has X/X where X = Current Spellpower?
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That could be extremely situational.

How about a totem that is 1/1 Battle cry +x/+x where x = your overload amount and make it a 1-2mp.
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Grounding Totem
0/3 3 mana
Redirects first enemy spell cast each turn to Grounding Totem.

Makes us immune to Pyroblast and a few other spells that really hurt us since we don't have healing.
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That in ways is better than spell bender because it can be activated more than once but it is 3mp. Spell bender is also 3 but a 1 time effect and its a minion effecting spell. The grounding totem is just better in many ways. Maybe it the target of the 1st spell can can target a minion and it dies at the end of the round.
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