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So, anyone have any luck with Paladin secrets? I've been playing around with them a little bit and they seem to largely suck. They are far too easy to play around and don't really do much in the way of removal. Versus something like the Hunter secrets which can outright destroy things, Paladin secrets largely leave too many things on the board. About the only exception would be, sorry, forget the name but the one that reduces a minions health to 1, that is pretty handy later in the game. Beyond that, I can't find much use for them. Anyone have a radically different opinion?

Although, this is probably complicated by the fact that Paladin as a class doesn't really seem to have much removal period . . .

Also, can they please buff that secret that brings minions back? I mean, it's bad enough that you can't choose a minion so they could just destroy some cheap minion you don't want revived, but bring something back at 1 health is basically just asking for it to be destroyed, again. I mean, half health at least?
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I've been messing around with secrets, trying to find something that is viable. I'm running a custom deck trying to find my own way. I am hovering between ranks 12 and 18 (I tend to derank when I try new things) I have been getting shutdown by the oh so common warlock zoo decks, so I've been experimenting.

Here's what I have seen and or have done so far:

Redemption: This card will bring back a unit with one health but also give deathrattle another proc if it's killed again, and if a minion has divine shield on it naturally (like sunwalker or Tirion) it comes back with divine shield. So it's good to use to bring back deathrattle cards like harvest golem (you get a second proc on the deathrattle when it's killed again) or divine shield cards like the sunwalker. Just don't let a silverhand recruit death steal your redemption!

Noble Sacrifice: I've had mixed luck with this card. It's nice to eat an attack but near useless against druids who cause it to proc with hero power. Also if you play Noble Sac with redemption, the noble sac will revive as a new minion, which can suck if you wanted the redemption to work on a sunwalker. Also, it doesn't block spells, which I really wish it would. Sword of justice will buff the Defender before it takes a hit. It could even survive in this case.

Repentance: Right now I am using a deck with 2 repentance secrets. I also have 2 archers and one Rifleman. The idea is to instantly kill the next unit that is summoned. Hp reduced to one then shot with an archer. I've had some luck with the combo, and am having fun messing around with archers/repentance/equality/concecrate/wild pyromancer/avenging wrath.
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I got rank 9 with my paladin deck. I don't run any secrets anymore. Earlier ranks I did run Noble Sacrifice, but higher ranks I just don't find any use for them.

I used Noble Sacrifice and Argent Protector to keep alive Nat Pagle. Only use I found for secrets. It's decent card draw combo early on and Nat can stay alive 5-6 turns if lucky starting hand.
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Ever since the Secret Nerf i dont run any secrets. I ran redemption prior to that.
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My question is why do paladins have secrets in the first place? It almost feels like Blizzard didn't know what other cards to give paladin so they gave them several useless secrets. I would think that as a class rogues would make more sense to have secrets than paladins. Also I wish we could trade repentance for hunters mark etc. repentance would synchronize better with hunter cards and hunters mark would work perfectly as paladin removal with our hero power. I know we have equality but I always hate using it to remove just one minion. Maybe change hunters mark to our repentance card and raise the mana cost of equality so it doesn't combo so early.
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In a rush deck noble sac is good for keeping your minions alive early I've found. But late game AoE will normally be taking out your minions and you don't want to get to late game in a rush deck anyway.
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I ran into a pally running a redemption that caught me off guard (I was playing shammy for daily).

He placed a raging worgen and a redemption. I assumed it was a noble sacrifice so sent in a weak guy first, only to have it damage the worgen. With it enraged I had to trade the other guy I had available only to find it came back with one health, still enraged.

Just something I hadn't considered before to keep enraged minion a threat.
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Currently running an Aggro/Lategame pally secrets deck at rank 11 or 10 i forget which. Double redemption sylvanas or tirion is very much hard to counter for most classes when they realized the mistake of not keeping their hard removal.
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Redemption is pretty awesome for a secret. Just a matter of playing it intelligently. i.e Don't play it while you have a couple weak minions on the field already, save it for when there's been a board clear and you're about to drop something big: Legendary, Argent Commander works well since he'll return with his shield on.

Noble Sacrifice I like as well, while druids can eat it with their hero power, that's one out of 9, everyone else it will eat one of their early game minions for you while keeping yours on the board. Excellent for establishing early presence and even late game I've had it save me in a few situations where I needed just one more round to win and it kept me alive.

Repentance is a gamble. I've had it work to glorious effect late game; crippling cards like Rag, Ironbark protectors, Ysera, Bouldfist Ogres, Earth Elementals etc so that my 1/1 Silver Hand Recruit can just bop them out; but at the same time you never 100% know what your opponent will play; also had it go off on minions that were already pitifully weak just buried in the bottom of my opponents deck.

Eye for an Eye is also a gamble. If your opponent has an attacking hero fizzles. As well if your opponent has any low power minions in play next to their big guys. I've only used it to good effect once and that was agaisnt a person dropping Ragnaros, since Ragnaros just auto-attacks at the end of his turn.
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04/17/2014 08:26 AMPosted by cypherhalo
So, anyone have any luck with Paladin secrets? I've been playing around with them a little bit and they seem to largely suck.

the same could be said for any class, you can get around any secret, you can use a spell against mage secrets, you can use divine shield to avoid hunter secrets, blah blah blah.

THIS is where skill comes in. I use 2 secrets, noble sacrifice and repentance. I only use 1 of each but if you are starting at turn 9 or 10 and you KNOW they will play a 4/12 legendary use repentance on turn previous.

If you know they have a 8/8 taunt with 1 card left in their hand and you are low health use sacrifice they don't have a CHOICE you force them to use it, they either use it and hope next turn they can finish or better yet YOU can finish them next must LEARN when to use them appropriately.

They do NOT suck! That's like saying the class sucks when clearly there are people that WIN and ranked 1, so therefore the problem is YOU not the secrets
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