Surprising results with strange Priest deck

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Now, I haven't played too many ranked games with this deck, but against the casual mode this deck seems to dominate pretty hard. Most importantly, this is a very fun deck to play. There are a few more cards I want to add in, like Mind Games, or maybe put a Harvest Golem in there somewhere.
I don't even know what to call this deck.

What do you think?
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Typically this style of deck is called a "Theft" or "Thief" deck. It does not do that well in Ranked because you are running alot of situational, RNG and underpowered cards. You are also hopping to RNG your way into win conditions, which is going to fail more times than work out for you
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4 atk minions will eat your deck alive, even more so than regular priest decks. Also what ^ said.
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Yea I don't try to make this deck super viable, its mainly just a lot of fun to play. Heck I just threw it together to finish a daily. I was surprised how well it actually did.

04/14/2014 12:48 PMPosted by Sutekh
4 atk minions will eat your deck alive, even more so than regular priest decks. Also what ^ said.
How even more than other decks?
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I would think "even more so" because you're not really including anything to counter those minions specifically, and your minions aren't particularly big, there aren't many of them, and you've got little in the way of minions to trade with early on. You're largely depending on your stolen cards, and RNGesus is pretty undependable. Plus stolen minions are inherently slower than bringing your own because you have to spend mana to get them.

I'm sure it is fun, but yeah. Your wins will be spectacular but your losses will be numerous.
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