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I'm a little puzzled when I see posts from hunters saying they need UTH for AOE. Explosive Trap doesn't count? Seems to me that it's just a pretty good AOE. I get that it's "secret" mechanic means that it doesn't go off when you play it, and potentially let's your opponent "play around it", but let's be honest - there is often very little that can be done about it. Unless your opponent has a buff in their hand, or is willing to wait for one (whilst taking 2 damage to the face every turn) there isn't much that can be done but to set it off. There's also the exception of rogues that can play Vanish or Shadow step before setting it off, but playing those cards simply to mitigate the AOE is suboptimal. (And of course, that doesn't really help the rogue if they guess wrong, and what you really played was misdirection, because then the one minion they send out to trigger the trap will just turn and hit them in the face, further adding to the damage the hunter is dishing out steadily with their hero power. The same applies to anyone who buffs up a minion to survive the trap. Unless it happened to be a druid that played a mark of nature to buff only the defensive powers of the minion, that buff will just make misdirection sting even worse.)

I think it's also worth pointing out that explosive shot is pretty good as an AOE, though obviously not against a completely full board.
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so i take it you just lost to a hunter

wow i tried reading that my eyes are still bleeding

all i see is explosive shot that costs 5 mana and is not a tru aoe same with multi shot guess what our one and only true aoe is explosive trap and that is only 2 damage and you can choose when to set it off

really i'm also guessing you just want hunters to go back to where the hunter class dont matter and its a free win no matter what ya do
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