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so the first legendary i got was sylvanas, few weeks later i had enough dust to craft ysera. and yesterday i opened deathwing. is there any place for deathwing in a priest deck? i mean it is like the ultra late game card wich fits with priest but many times its a dead card before i reach 10 mana. even if i have 10 mana its useless because my hand is always full. so full i run a mountain giant. is it realy (worth it) to DE him? i mean its deathwing afterall. he kills you, not the other way around.
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No. Priest is very strong with a full hand; Deathwing is a good card to get board advantage, but personally i don't see this card in a Priest-Deck when we have to throw away our hand. Especially when we have a lot of cards that aren't use immediately, but have many usage (SW:P/D)
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I think he would work much better in a warlock deck.
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any other deck besides warlock where i could use it? i feel kinda bad disenchanting deathwing :(
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Deathwing is not a famous card in Ladder since card advantage is important, it is a much better in Arena though due to the limited draw options.

However, it surely can work in Priest and Druid since both are late games. In competitive games, it usually end after 30 cards are drawn. And you can always save Deathwing until the end to surprise your Opponent.
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It's not great in Priest or Warlock honestly, both have great removal options and lategame plays.
However, I've been experimenting with him in Control Warrior and Ramp Druid, and I'm very happy with the results, so happy I'd say he's Core in Control Warrior if you want any chance vs. Handlock.
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keep the deathwing. I forsee him being a staple in the upcoming deathrattle decks coming out of the new naxx content.

What's scarier than a 12/12 that just cleared your board? A 12/12 and 2 4/4. If it's druid you may even have gotten 2 2/2's as well.

The only downside to running him in priest is that it's very hard to dump your hand of cards in priest as sometimes you just don't get the option to use your death cards and the like.
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I actualy run Deathwing in my priest deck, I run kinda hybrid control agro deck, I gues you can call it priest mid range. Basicaly deathwing is my response if game doesnt go my way. When you are loosing your hand is usaly empty so most of the time you sacriface 1 or 2 cards. And that is probably the only cost he actualy any good also he won me many many games when both sides are staling and i just run my 2 minions into face to get my oponent on 12 hp and then drop deathwing to wipe out legendarys or other stuf. Also i run cairne so sometimes I get baine plus deathwing. But he is super situational and i wouldnt recomend to play him in control deck, but in mid range when things go south he can save you.
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You can make a control deck that focuses on delaying till fatigue (watchers, auchenais + circle) and card efficient cards (sylvanas, thoughsteal, cairne) and put Deathwing in there. It is a bit stupid way to play, IMO, but DW fits in there perfectly.
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If you can Alarm O bot into him he can be hilarious early on but other than that the other posts already here have good points.
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