This class is abosutely terrible.

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When playing priest, 1. your options are so limited that you can never gain control of a game and 2 the majority of the priest class cards are gimmicky and situational where certain factors (and luck) have to align for them to serve their purpose. In addition, they have hardly any standout cards and that are just solid on there own merit without any circumstances. For instance, fireball and druid of the claw. Always solid, no matter what the situation.

Read below

Cleric- a 1-3 for 1 mana is pretty decent. But the ability requires that you normally have to spend 2 mana you might need to control the board.once a priest loses control of the board, the games probably over. And that a there is a minion to heal.

Lightspawn. a 5/5 for 4 mana is great. But it can be silenced or nuked down. It doesnt even need to be hard removed. you can nuke it, and then the priest has to spend more resouces to take it back up or close to where it was.

Lightwell- This card is so terrible that there is not much to say.

Smite- Its just not enough damage. the mana cost is great. But its hard to remove something with 2 damage.

Shadow words- all around pretty good. But there are so many 4 attack minions that it becomes incredibly frustrating that once you see a yeti, a ton of resouces must be spent to remove it. A priest can lose an entire game from a 4th turn yeti..

A. Soulpriest- Again. its dependent that you spend more resources (if it lives) to make use of its ability, and that there is something that is worth nuking, or that you have a circle of healing and are in a situation where nuking the entire board, including your minions is a good idea.

Mindgames- Again another gamble. Do I get rag or a 1/1.

Holy nova- 2 damage is not enough for 5 mana. The board has to be perfect to really make use of holy nova.

Shadow Madness- dependent on a board that you can use it on. If not its dead in your hand.

Cabal shadowpriest- again dependent on a board that you can use the minion steal. But when is there a 2 attack minion out on turn 6? if not you just spend 6 mana for a 4/5.

Inner Fire and Divine Spirit- Both are gimmicky and can win you the game. But most of the time you throw 2 or 3 cards into a minion and it gets removed or silenced and you lost.

I have tried to make a deck that works, I have access to most cards, and I have tried net decking decks online. There simply is not a way. Any deck is behind 80% of whats played out there. The way the priests cards are structured is that each game is so dependent on certain circumstances that it becomes impossible for priest to be competitive. Under rank 10 or so, there arent priests. None. Not one. I would guess that in the last 100 games ive played on ranked, that ive seen maybe 2 or 3.
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Welcome to priests.
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I agree with everything you said OP. I've been playing a bit of priest the last few days and have 10 wins, 15 losses and this is with a solid deck. Any other class I play feels so much stronger.

Even in the games I won, there was not any point early on where I completely dominated, every match is like you are playing with a handicap and have to come back from behind.

I'm pretty much done with priests unless the naxx cards help somewhat.

I have played way more than 25 games as priest, it was just a few days ago I got a program to start recording win/loss.
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Yes this class is broken. It's bad design pure and simple. Blizzard won't admit it though.
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Yep, agree - but it is so much fun to play! especially if things go well. Like mindgames giving you a monstrosity or getting your lightspawn to 10-10 and not getting silenced.
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The weirdest thing about the class is, it should be a holy or unholy man.

Yet he steals (mind control, shadow madness etc), gambles (mind games), is lying (it is not thought steal but a copy...nothing is stolen). Let's see if we get some carnal pleasures as well in the xpac hehe

On a more serious note: the class has many issues. The biggest is its helplessness versus rush decks. Too bad that most of the game is Hearthrush
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100% agree. Blizzard won't listen. They aren't listening to logic which put my faith in the design of these hero at an all time low. Who ever made this Heros cards needs to be fired ASAP. BLIZZARD LISTEN TO WHAT EVERYONE IS SQYING. LOOK QT REDDIT THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE THINK THIS CLASS IS BORKEN.
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04/13/2014 11:27 PMPosted by Glaston
100% agree. Blizzard won't listen. They aren't listening to logic which put my faith in the design of these hero at an all time low. Who ever made this Heros cards needs to be fired ASAP. BLIZZARD LISTEN TO WHAT EVERYONE IS SQYING. LOOK QT REDDIT THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE THINK THIS CLASS IS BORKEN.

"everyone" being the 12 folks crying in this forum?
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All Priest cards are situational to the point there are no cores to a Priest deck. As a control class, you'll try to counter every aspect your opponent can ever have by adding specific cards, and at the end you are going to have a bunch of cards which are useless most of the time.

Even then, I think with correct draws a Priest can humiliate most classes.
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I disagree:

1.- If you are having problems with 4/X and or Yetis: Add yetis to your deck.

2.- Cleric, as many other cards in game, its good if you combo it. Better if you combo it with more mana and a good situation (atack other minions then darkscale healer or holy nova)

3.- Lightwell/Lightspawn: Again, good alone, better if u combo. Yes, they can be silenced (also legendaries cards).

I just started to play priest, after playing mostly lock and huntard in my main acc:

As soon as i reach rank 10ish ill have more arguments.
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the priest's problem with yeti's.

player a plays a yeti,

priest is going second so lets say he throws down a twilight drake as a 4/7 and lets say that player A does not have a silence.

example one
player a is a paladin,
turns the priest's drake into a 1 attack minion for 3 / divine shield's the yeti
druid, smacks priest in face drops a 4/6 taunt
warlock (0 cost 4 damage spell plus a smaller creature)
hunter 0 cost that drake just became a 4/1, dies to unleash the hounds (hunters don't bother with yeti its to slow normaly

The problem with saying use creatures to deal with the enemies 4 attack monsters is that No opponent has to worry about their own answer spells arbitrarily ignoring a monster type.

Both warriors and rogue's have conditional answer spells (execute and backstab)
here's the thing. THE WARRIOR HAS THE ABILITY WITHIN THEIR CLASS SPELLS TO TURN EXECUTE ON, Backstab is turned on for every minion in the game upon summon except for 2 3 cost neutral monsters.

priest's have the most restricted hard answers, and less soft answer spells than the other classes.
priest's monsters have more glaring weaknesses than monsters in the other classes.
A buff would be nice

I main priest and I suck with my class. amazingly I can hit rank 6 with druid but then I drop back down to rank 15ish when I switch back to priest : )
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for all the cases, the other player used 2 cards (at least) to kill or ignore your 4/7.

you can blame their yeti that you lots control of the game :)

Im still thinking that priest is not bad, but there is very hard to play.

Is not like the huntard:
- summon beast, atack with beast.
- Place a secret, use your weapon
- wait the UTH/buzzard combo

Or like the zoolock (but actually i play an spell dmg deck)
- summon a minnion
- draw 2 cards /-2 life
- atack
- /repeat

or like the druid:
- wait, wait, wait..BOOOM! X/Alot minnion with taunt. :)
- token, token, token: BUFF THE; ALL!

But again, i only can talk about what im experimenting, and in this low ranks (15 atm), almost 19W/4L is not bad at all.
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I see what you mean OP. I've been playing a Priest deck in ranked and have gone down 6 ranks on a winning streak. Most people have conceded before i can even establish board control. I'm by no means saying it's impressive because it's low ranked but stil, Priests can be very good. I play them for control and i find them to be a decent counter to Zoo and aggro decks.

A card like "thoughtsteal" is really good because when playing for the long haul control game, you net 2 Extra cards that aren't pulled from your deck. Drawing is obviously the best thing you can do, but when getting lower in rank, you may be able to get those legendary cards like Rag. Also it doesn't deplete your 30 card deck which gives you that advantage in the long haul.

I'd say play the Auchenai Priest but not shadow form. You can get immediate value from te priest if you play it turn 6. Remember the meta is mainly control warrior or zoo/aggro and priest has a great counter to all of that with the Shadow word: death and the mind control when they drop a Ragnaros.

I love the amount of answers they have and the versatility they offer. I agree most of the cards (lightwell, silence, mind vision, power word:shield, mindblast, lightspawn and temple enforcer, along with a couple others) are pretty bad, but their removal is excellent

I can't see people putting many 4 attack cards in their deck "Just to play priest counters" and i think a lot of time you can do fine with that because lets face it, a 4 drop probably won't win the game and if the opponent wants it to, they will probably buff it to get more damage through. And thats when you can kill it.

Just saying i think this thread is underrating them and with good decisions and patience you can beat almost anything.
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