Tirion Fordring deck advice.

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If anyone could advise me on building a descent paladin deck with Tirion Fordring in it, it would be much appreciated. Tirion is the only legendary card I have. Thanks.
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Since Tirion is a lategame Legendary I would recommend building a paladin control deck

Not sure what your other cards you have though so can't exactly build a deck right here
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Here are the paladin cards that I DON'T have:
(2) Equality
(3) Sword of Justice
(3) Divine Favor
(6) Avenging Wrath
(6) Lay on hands
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A control paladin without Equality, Sword of Justice, Avenging Wrath and Lay on Hands wouldn't be the best.

If you have another strong deck, maybe consider turning Tirion into dust and crafting some useful epic. Or start crafting paladin cards, because Tirion by himself won't win a lot of games with a weak deck
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Sword of Justice I find to be a bit situational, and a little too slow. When I ran it alongside Truesilver Champion it led to dead draws where I'd often have too many weapons to play, and if you are going to pick one then I'd say Truesilver is the way to go. Basically I wouldn't worry about Sword of Justice. It's cool, it's fun, but it's not that great.

Avenging Wrath on the other hand I regard as phenomenal and a must for Paladin control. Clears the board against aggro, and can take down bigger things in combination with Equality. It is also incidentally an excellent example of how randomness can actually require more skill, as you really have to think about your plays with this card to maximise the probability of the best outcome.

Equality is also basically a must for these builds. Paladin lacks strong removal, so Equality lets you take down big guys much more easily, and is also devastating in combination with Consecration.

Divine Favor I don't run personally. It is a dead card half the time, which is pretty damning in my view.

Lay on Hands I run 1 copy of, and it is a solid card, if a little slow. I wouldn't say it was vital for the deck to be usable though, so don't worry about that too much just yet.

Without Equality you are really going to struggle to get anywhere at all with Paladin control, and ideally you want a pair of Avenging Wraths too. So prioritise getting those if this is the route you want to take.

As for neutral rares and epics, I like a pair of Defender of Argus and a single Big Game Hunter. I've also been trying out Molten Giants in this deck recently which is going pretty well.

Longer term you are probably going to want a Ragnaros too.
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Thanks for the insightful advice, Stux. It was very helpful.
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sword of justice is a great card but has no place in a control deck. it's awesome in a pala aggro deck though....

if u want to dedicate to control pally brunson u shud craft (not including commons):

2x equality and 2x wild pyro (musthave)
2x aldor peacekeeper
2x sunfury
1x lay on hands
1x avenge wrath
1x bgh

optional very good crafts:
stampeding kodo
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