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Fellow HearthStoners and Paladins,

During the last 3 weeks I have been playing this game quite feverishly, both Constructed and Arena.

I have accumulated some of the best legendaries (Sylvanas, Cairn, Rag, Nat, Yasera, BK etc) and I have all rares and epics of any value

As far as Druid, Priest, Paladin, Hunter and Rogue decks go, I am sorted. I can copy and play any number of the "No1" ranked set ups out there.

As with any Deck, you will play Decks that have great counters, right now I am focusing on Paladin and I love the Paladin Specific cards,

To get to the point, how much of this game is based on skill VS RNG?

If I were to put a number on it, I would say its between 50/50 and 65/35 in favor of RNG

Playing ranked is pure grind, where you can make slight adjustments along the way IF you feel like it.

I ran with BGH (a must when playing against Priests IMO) for about a week, with very limited success. Against most other classes it feels like a dead card, and when I finally get to use it, its never really a game changer anyway.

The way people set up their Decks at the moment, Deck building favors: early control/rush, with cheap minions (hunter, warlock), control builds with good mid range game (Paladin, Rogue, Warrior) or Spell builds (rogue, druid, mage, shaman)

What all these Decks have in common are that the win/loss scenario is determined by the starter hand you are given, the starter hand your opponent is given, starting VS not and the first 6 cards you and your opponent pulls

When playing hunter rush decks, you will lose more then 50% of the time if he pulls the correct cards, with incoming damage impossible to negate unless you are lucky and pull 3-4 taunt minions a row, and only playing max 2 minions at a time.

Same goes for rogues one shot mechanic

When facing druids or shamans, if you are unlucky and don't pull any reliable board clears, you can't win

(keep in mind, this is playing from a Paladin's perspective)

Basically what I am trying to say is that when climbing the rankings of Arena, its pure grind and RNG. You might jump 3 ranks in an hour thanks to you going on a winning streak, just to be thwarted for no other reason than you not pulling the correct cards. Constructed play is therefore much more RNG based then skill based. The Rankings don't mean much really. Once you get to past rank 10 and below, you are met with the same decks with 1 or max 2 variations. The rankings are a grind. You win 5 in a row, you lose 2, you win 1 you lose 3, you win 2, you lose 1, you win 6 you lose 3. On and on until you power down.

I am currently a Molten Giant, one star away from BK. This rank could be reached and bypassed quickly with a win streak, or I might fall back to Sea Giant if I am unlucky

For the TL:DR

I feel Arena needs some kind of visual ranking system. Not only is this mode "harder", its over the top RNG which in a sense makes it more fair for players, and more "skill" and knowledge is required

What are your thoughts?
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RNG is dominant when looking at 1 specific game
Skill matters in the long run as RNG is flattened out among the 2 opponents
The higher the amount of RNG the more grinding it takes to climb a ladder
This is true for almost every game
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04/20/2014 12:23 AMPosted by JoHut
If I were to put a number on it, I would say its between 50/50 and 65/35 in favor of RNG

based on what?

Skill could technically be measured as the maximum win rate one could achieve playing a game, but this is highly depedent on your opponent's skill. There probably might be some scientific papers, but I doubt you get your percentages based on those.

Luck is the measurement of how the outcome of a game is effected by its randomness. A fair game would be 50:50, knowing that either player has the same odds of getting those cards out, the RNG in this game is 50:50 (not compared with skill, which is impossible)
the RNG for casino games is around 49:51.

Skill is just choosing your best outcome and cannot be directly compared to RNG
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Trump said something like 66% skill 33% luck
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