New shaman must-add card from Naxx?

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Naxx teaser post:

I was thinking any of us who run Flametongues/Rockbiters will see this little 2 drop as a must-add card, since it turns into a 4/4 upon Death! Obviously there are going to be a lot more Owls running around to silence this early stuff, but it also means they are a lot less likely to silence your Flametongue/Mana Tide Totems.

Can't wait to see more of the cards!

Also, the new Baron legend:

Anything we put Ancestral Spirit on, comes back.. TWICE. 2x AS would spawn 4 new copies of the minon upon death.. hmm. :)
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I woulkd say the sahde that has stealth and +1 +1 every turn would be good in a combo shaman deck as a finisher.

Unless you made a deck around it, the deathrattle x2 isnt significant enough.

The egg sac could be handy, 2 rockbiters and 2 flametongue, im getting that guy to suicide one way or another.
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Yep, he just sits there growing bigger each turn until you Windfury him later on for the insta-kill, but he does telegraph your intentions! Warlocks will have to sac something huge to Shadowflame to kill it (or Twisting Nether), Priests Mass Dispel, and Hunters could Deadly Shot it if they can get our board down to nothing but it. Will make a good minion to run alongside the eggs though - if they want to AoE to kill him early, they have to give us a 4/4 to do it, for example.

But if you think about it, the 0/2 egg that turns into a 4/4 upon death will be one of the highest priority silence targets. If you play the Baron and can kill the egg on the same turn, that's two 4/4s in addition to your 1/7 Baron, as early as turn 4 or 5. So since they can't control when you Baron, they have to silence the Deathrattle asap or risk you getting massive minion value from a 2 drop (whether you can or not is irrelevant, the risk is too high). This could snowball with AS, turn 2 egg, turn 3 Feral Spirits, turn 4 AS spirit on egg, turn 5 baron + rockbiter/lightning bolt egg, and now you have 2x 4/4, and 2x eggs waiting to die to spawn 4x 4/4? Dream scenario, obviously, but against non-priests thats a game ending snowball.

As for the 2x Deathrattle effect of the Baron - I wonder if this applies to his own Deathrattles? Ie, AS on him before killing himself off, do you get 2x Baron back? Would a single Loot Hoarder now be a 3 card draw? O_O

Regardless, the most likely combo for Shaman's is going to be Cairne into AS + Baron. You get 2x Cairne back, and 2x Baine. For three cards, best case assuming no silence/transforms and Baron lives, you can end up with NINE yetis total (!!!). Doubt that happens often, so let's look at Cairne dieing on turn played. Even if Cairne dies and becomes Baine before you get to pull it off, you still end up with Cairne that was killed, then Baine that you trade/suicide into becoming 2x Baine, so still four Yetis for three cards, plus the 1/7 that needs to be dealt with for fear of any other Deathrattlers you might play.

I just think the potential for Ancestral Spirit and Baron is massive for Shamans, regardless of what you use it in conjunction with because from turn 6+, any minion you have left on the board can become a suicide removal that respawns two fresh copies of the same minion, WHILE giving you what could be considered a high threat 1/7 legendary to deal with. Any other obvious Deathrattles are bonuses - but Shamans have a card that add a dangerous deathrattle to anything, much better than Druid's Soul of the Forest to spawn an army of 2/2s (although that will be a new take on the savage roar druids).
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Interesting. Deathrattle decks with Sylvanas and Cairne may be worth taking a look at. My Token Druid is going to love that too, I run 2 Soul of the Forest. Equal value with 1 minion? SURE!
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Just a thought on building a deck with quite a bit of death rattle, Baron Geddon might become quite useful.

Prepare to see a lot more silence in the meta after these cards release, if these cards turn out to be pretty good.
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I'm liking these cards so far. as said earlier, they will certainly make silence a lot more prevalent in the meta. Which in turn hits rag/ysera/tyrion, shaking things up!

can't wait for this new influx of cards :D
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I thought death rattle was already very strong. Dont know why they are adding tons more of it and synergy for it.

I really hope there are some solutions to death rattle in this new expansion. Such as a neutral version of mass dispel. Or something to take advantage of opponents death rattles. This makes cairne even stronger now. Not that it was not already strong enough. Unless their are some good counters to down sides to death rattle with this set of cards this makes hogger nearly worthless and I for along time was hoping to get one isntead of cairne but not cairne is too good not to consider.

Prepare to have the owls unleashed and in every deck now. May have to throw in some owls myself even as shaman.

I dont like the sword. Its an inferior yeti + draw card -1mp. Yeti is good because it much harder to kill 5hp than 4hp. This sword will be a massive lure because of medium body and rewards you for killing it. This means they will gladly burn a card to kill it to get a card back.

The sac seems like an alternate watcher. It tough but conditional. Could be great.

The 1/2 seems like an alternate secret keeper. Could be ok.

The baron is a legend but so many good death rattles could build a deck around it.

The stealth self buffer looks op. Its what every stealth minion wishes. An easy way to grow. It could replace question adventurer. May use it instead of unbound or harvester.
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