There's no way to counter mind control...

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04/13/2014 10:06 AMPosted by JonnyB
04/12/2014 03:24 AMPosted by Glaston
Except to play no big minions. He gets a high cost minion and you have no counter. So you're sitting there with hand full of high cost minions. What kind of design is that? An extremely poor one which was not thought out well.

This card either needs to be nerfed or removed. It's an unfair card, an unbalanced card. There's no argument I've seen that can effectively defend the position this card is in anyway not OP.

How many threads do you need to make about Priest being OP?

EVERY class has "OP" cards. MC is so "OP" a lot of priests only play one.

But to address you, MC is only powerful when you play a powerful card. So bait it out. If a Priest MC's a weak card that's good for you. If a priest MC's a big dude you have a counter to (ex. MC Rag, you counter with BGH), that's also good for you.

Alternatively you can be more aggressive vs. a Priest. If you kill the Priest before turn 10, the MC is completely useless.

TLDR: l2p.
He's probably rank 20... lol. He gave me a false screenshot with his name hidden. That's probably someone else's.
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Ok, I understand what's happening now. So he got to rank 13 with his Mage, then made a priest for funsies and played some casual. He managed to take his opponents Boulderfist Ogre and won a game against one of those F2P decks.

Or, unless someone stole his?!

That would explain why he's clearly so distraught over the card.



He's just bored and felt like trolling.

Yeah, that's it.
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I came across an interesting way to "counter" mind control

you lose the minion, faceless manipulator it followed by *insert removal here*
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