Al'Akir Suggestion

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Alot of people seem to complain about Al'Akir the Windlord, well first off I want to say that Al'Akir is NOT a weak card.
He at the very least does 6 damage and comes in the form of a 3/5 taunt with Divinie Shield.

But most people complain about his stats, rightfully so, a 3/5 for 8 mana is not much.
Therefore, since Shamans have the 'Overload' mechanic, I suggest making make him a 4/6 with the exact same ability's he has now. But with overload 1 or 2.
4 attack is also the sweat spot to be at, can't be targeted by Schadow word: Pain/Death.
Seriously, how does the class legendary for shamans not have Overload? :O

What do you guys think?
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How much mana? if its for 8 mana plus overload your out of your mind.
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The problem with overload is that there aren't enough cards which could use it. So unless we get few more "Unbounds", I don't think that overload is important. On the other hand, making him 6 mana overload 2 - with old stats - could speed up the game a little bit...

Interesting idea, but it is unlikely to happen anyway.
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A decent suggestion but I use al'akir as a finisher 9 times out of 10 so the overload would just give me a more powerful finisher for no cost because the game would be over.

I think he's fine as he is.
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My idea for a change to Al'Akir is to remove the Divine Shield and replace it with "This minion is Immune when attacking."
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4 damage would basically make him a an Argent commander, Sunwalker and Winfury Harpy rolled into 1 for just 2 more mana…that’s insane, and also renders the cards I mentioned virtually useless in a shaman deck by comparison…

He could 2 for 1 anything an argent commander can while having a chance to survive the second charge thanks to the bonus health.
He could do 8 damage to the face while leaving a Sunwalker to guard my own.
He doesn’t need to survive a turn in order to be useful like the Harpy.
And if worst comes to worst I can use him to do 8 damage for 8 mana to a minion, which is pretty all right in terms of cost.

Why would I ever consider those cards in a deck if All’Akir was a 4/5? Because they cost 6 mana? Like the Fire elemental, which I generally found to be more of a priority to summon? (not that I ever considered the Harpy but you get my point)

I’m not saying it can’t happen but…I think you are underestimating how big of a buff that would be to him.
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