cant get past rank 6-7

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having issues with a variety of different locks, and taunt druid, and priests. Here is my current deck any pointers?

2x execute
2x shield slam
2x whirlwind
1x fiery war axe
1x cleave
2x slam
2x armorsmith
2x cruel taskmaster
2x shield block
2x acolyte of pain
1x frothing beserker
2x brawl
1x harrison jones
1x cairne bloodhoof
1x sylvannas
1x black knight
1x gorehowl
1x baron geddon
1x grommash
1x ragnoros
1x Alexstraza

I was thinking about taking out sylvannas and adding another beserker or war axe input?
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I don't have the cards to play warrior control myself, but from what I've seen it would run one less Brawl, no Harrison Jones. This frees up space for another axe and another berserker or cleave. In addition, I don't recall ever meeting this deck with Sylvanas in the mix.
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- Sylvanas + Axe
- 1 Brawl + Frothing/BGH.

Your list is pretty close to mine. You may just need some more time with it. 2x Axe is pretty much needed to manage the board against aggro. BGH is good against Handlock and combos fairly well with Taskmaster.
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ya i took out 1 brawl and added BGH and notice he is pretty useful v.s manipulators and a variety of other cards/situations. I'll replace sylvannas w/ a 2nd axe and give it a try.
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