Deck that consistently defeats Miracle Rogue?

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Hello fellow Mage players, as the title said I'm inquiring if there's
anyone out there who uses a Mage deck that consistently beats
a Miracle Rogue?

Aside from that, are there any tips the veterans' can share regarding
how to defeat these guys?

Just fought against one today I was able to kill one of their concealed
Auctioneers on the turn it was dropped by using Flamestrike
(It was the only play that I can think of), bring him down to 7 health
and silence his 14/14 Vancleef but hee still beat me at 21 health in 1
turn (by that time he was already in fatigue).

Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks :)
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The only deck that consistently beat miracle rogue is the miracle rogue by itself.

Get used to it: when you play against a miracle rogue, you dont really play, you just watch him playing.

If he gets a bad hand/screw the combo, you win, if not, he wins.

Thats it.
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I've been working on a deck to counter the infestation of rogues within our hearthstone community.
Try this out and let me know what you think.

2. Hunter's Mark 2. Flare 2. Tracking 2. Stonetusk Boar 1. Timber Wolf
2. Worgen Infiltrator 2. Freezing Trap 2. Snipe 2. Unleash the Hounds 2. Starving Buzzard
1. Eaglehorn Bow 1. Deadly Shot 2. Kill Command 2. Jungle Panther
2. Stranglethorn Tiger 1. Gladiator's Longbow 2. Ravenholdt Assassin

Play style is as follows.
Try to combo hunter's mark with stonetusk boar
Save flare for conceal (or other hunter's traps) other wise enjoy the free draw ****CAUTION it will remove your stealth as well.******
Try to use snipe to counter turn 5+ for the incoming Auctioneer.
Freezing trap is for the wombo combo from Leeroy, and/or cold blood
Explosive is a waste cause most of the rogue minions have 3+ defense.
Stealth minions will almost always grant you one attack.
Starving/Unleash is a good card draw combo on 2+ minions
Gladiator's Longbow is a nice 10 damage finish, but don't fret if you have to use it on 4+ defense minions.

Pls feel free to comment on which cards seems useless and which cards could replace them.

Sorry this isn't a mage deck.
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Secrets mage!

I recently made a secrets mage deck for fun, and though it has some problems with the extreme rush decks, and a few control matchups, it seems to win 4/5 games against miracle rogues at least, it's incredibly good against it, or any decks that rely on combos.

Counterspell is the one card that makes it so amazing (besides being able to stall out games with ice block or barrier if you run one of them).

Miracle rogues rely on a sequence of cards played in succesion to deal massive damage, taking out just one component with counterspell often ruins it completely, it's worked so well I'm considering running it in other mage decks. Try it. :)
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I play mage almost exclusively and the miracle Rogue deck gives me the most headaches. Even playing heavy aggro, you can't beat even a semi-skilled rogue before she can throw down auctioneer.

Once she turn 5's the auctioneer, we are screwed. Immediately she throws down some 0 cost spells and then stealth. We can't even waste a dang Flamestrike on him!

My only luck has been:
1) The rogue screws up the combo
2) Lots of taunt, even so, rogue will likely be able to combo whatever you have. But you gotta try to hold off the Jenkins...
3) Most effectively Secrets mage. I actually threw in a couple Counterspells into my control deck ONLY to try to fight this darn rogue. It probably makes my deck weaker against everything else but those 2 times I got a sweet victory over a rogue by messing up the auctioneer combo, it made it all worth it.

Honestly, mages just don't really have any reliable answers to this combo.
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I play both a secrets mage and a miracle rogue.

As another poster pointed out, secrets mage counters miracle rogue. I like to play decks to counter each other as you get a better sense of the strengths and weaknesses of each class.

Anyway, to beat a miracle rogue, you need to counter the Auctioneer. Most of our plays depend on this one card, so in a sense its actually very fragile.

1. Watch for turn 5 Auctioneer->Prep->Conceal, throw down a Counterspell by turn 4 if you can, preferably behind a Kirin Tor Mage.

2. As you have might have noticed, a flamestrike will kill a concealed auctioneer.

3. After that you need to determine which miracle variant you are playing against. Leeroy Miracle, Spellpower Miracle and QA/EVC Miracle are the 3 common variants.

4. You can tell its a Leeroy deck if he doesn't Shadowstep his Auctioneer, even when he should. The full Leeroy combo does 26 damage out of nowhere, so keep taunts up.

5. For a Spellpower miracle deck, save a polymorph for Malygos at turn 9. Throw a counterspell up at turn 8 to eat the conceal that is coming. Beware of spellpower enhanced blade fury, so play minions that have high health, and don't flood the board. Most spellpower minions don't trade well, so take board control.

6. If he is running the last popular variant of miracle, the QA/EVC version, again you need to save a polymorph. Popular plays include turn 5 Auctioneer->Shadowstep, then turn 6 QA->Auctioneer->Prep->Conceal. To counter this, either counterspell at turn 5 or coin a flamestrike out at turn 6. If you have silence, wait to use it on the QA or the EVC.

Other than the above, it will still come down to draw, so get used to loosing =). Still, being aware of your opponents possible plays should tilt the odds in your favor.
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Aggro mage beats miracle rogue usually, only lost to it once when I got really terrible draw. Here is the deck list that I am running.

2x Arcane Missiles
2x Ice Lance
2x Leper Gnome
2x Mana Wyrm
2x Mirror Image

1x Bloodmage Thalnos
2x Faerie Dragon
2x Frost Bolt
2x Knife Juggler
2x Sorcerer's Apprentice

2x Arcane Intellect
2x Wolfrider

2x Fireball
1x Leeroy Jenkins
2x Water Elemental

2x Azure Drake
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Use a lot of low cost charges and also use pyro.

Just try to get him down to 10 or less by turn 10 where you can just pryo him for the win.

with my deck which I have a lot of low cost charge minions, i can sometimes even win by turn 6 or 7 esp when i get two ice lances two frost bolts and a fire ball.
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Miracle rogue generally kills you before turn 10 so pyro is pretty much a dead card against it.
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My current deck can go toe to toe with miracle rogues. It's a tough matchup. The one time I could not stop the rogue and keep it competitive was when he two auctioneers to play. I took one out, and he tossed another out and stealthed it. I never did anything again. I've never seen so many cards played in an endless stream.

Some changes need to be made to bring rogues down a bit.
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Frost giant mages practically shut them down. But they are expensive though.
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I really think it's near impossible for a mage to beat a Mir Rogue.
Guedes wrote the truth, you just watch him playing.
R 5, auctioneer and If he's a little skilled you got 1 or no minion.
R 6 half deck spells
R 7 the other half, game over
Flamestrike yes, but useless 'cause as said it's already over by R7
Even with another strategy he puts R 5 or 6 his legendary (usually 8/8 or 10/10) and then leroy, cold blood, bye bye.
With malygos, R 9 it's 16+ dmg (prep-shiv?-prep-the same spell) plus knife.

I'm playin' a nice semi-aggro deck (it got also antonidas & pyro) and with it I reached rank 7 (from 12). Even with "aggro minions" or mirrors or others he just uses blade flurry and bye bye.

So, I really don't think we got any option for now vs these plagues.
Blizzard has to change prep for 0 to 2 at least or there is no game
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Zoo them as best as you can. My main mage deck consists of a lot of early/mid game simple minions, and my most solid cards seem to be the pair of elementals, tazdingos, and earthen rings when facing miracles. I sometimes put the ooze in, but not always.

If you're at a loss for what to play, save taunts for later. play scary enough things before then that they waste eviscerates and saps leading up to it.

Counterspell is fun, too!
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I played a miracle rogue last night and beat him because I had ice block.

He did the whole leroy thing and got me down to one health before It was mine turn.

I had all those welps that i just hit to face plus I had a Kira Torn Mage on the board and also a night blade which of course he ignored.

So by the time my turn was over I had him down to 9 HP and he had me at 1, thinning leroy was going to win the game and OPPS ice block.

I then hit him in the face with fireball, frost bolt and my hero power for the win.

I have a lot of rush cards in m deck, so I try to do as much damage as I can to them so if i make it to turn 10 I can pyro blast their face when I draw that card.

When ever I see a role I always just hit for face with everything I got and ignore their minions. It seems to work most of the time esp if I get lucky and pull my two ice barrier and one ice block during that game.
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The aggro mage list posted by Klaital is THE reason I quit playing Miracle last season. I did find Pyroblast way more useful that Leeroy, but that was mostly due to Warrior, not Rogue. You are in a great position to actually be killing them within 7-8 turns, all out to the face style. Mage is otherwise likely to just lose when trying to play control against Miracle, the Rogue single turn burst against a class with no healing mechanics is just too simple to accomplish, especially as time goes on.
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Yeah I actually changed Leeroy to pyro (and wolfriders to loot hoarders to make the deck more consistent with the extra card draw) since posting that.
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Ice Block > Miracle Rogue.
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I beat miracle rogue 75% of the time when I can drop ice block.

Just hit them to the face every time you can to get their HP down fast.

Also run with 2 fire balls,and 2 ice lance and 2 frost bolt, those alone will get you 26 off of the rogue.
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