I just don't understand

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Why people rank Shaman's so low. We are very strong.

Had the day off yesterday and decided to "grind" the ranks for the first time ever. I went from rank 17 to rank 6 and didn't even play THAT much. For example I did not get to my 100 gold max by the end of the day which means I didn't win more than 30 games.

It is the clear counter to warlocks both handlock AND zoo. I beat handlock almost every time and zoo maybe 70% winrate.

Hunter is the hardest with about 60% winrate.

Warrior I OWN like 80% or more, mind you I have only played a couple of legendary control warriors so far so we'll see.

So the answer to this meta FOR ME, is Shaman all the way!

Earth shock is the best card by far. Love it so much.

Well, I'm now at rank 5 but must get back to busy life. Maybe I'll find another good day off to get to legendary some time soon.

Good luck fellow Shammy's! Oh and Al'Akir is underrated.
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04/13/2014 10:48 AMPosted by Qwertster
Why people rank Shaman's so low.

They dont.
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What deck did you use to get that far? I got stuck rank 9 with my control paladin and tried shaman. I lost 10 games in a row.. I just can't find a shaman deck that gets me forward.

How do you play against hunters as shaman? If I put minions on board they get buzzard + card draw combo. If I play big minions, they get cleared off the board.

Any advice which style deck to go for? I tried windfury rockbite leeroy finisher deck.
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I've been having more success against hunter decks with my doomhammer+ragnaros deck.
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I also have rag in my deck.

Against hunters it's all about knowing what the secrets are and I usually never use totems. Also yes doom hammer is great against them although my deck doesn't have it anymore.

Don't worry if you skip attacking a turn if you know it's explosive and can buff your guys over two on the next turn.

Little things like this will piss the hunter off.

They are still one of the more difficult matchups though by far.

Also at the start you will never need hex or lightening storm so mulligan those always. Unbounds and feral spirits are good. Remember the doggies come at around turn 5. Try to avoid more than 3 minions at that time and if 3, at least 1 should have taunt.

After he uses both UTH flood the board as much as you want especially if both explosives are gone too.

I noticed now that the better players use freezing trap instead of misdirection....it is a huge pain but I'm learning to play around that too...totems and argus help.
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