How to beat legend control warrior

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So I play the hero with the beat removals, Mage, yet ai cannot beat legend control warriors. It's so OP. I even counter spell a shield slam and still get killed.

What tips do you have to beat a deck that contains z4-5 legends amd can kill most of my big minions?
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Playing something that isn't the downright worst class in the game would be a nice start.
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Posting the deck you use might be helpful, too.
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First thing I think when I hear "best removals" (assuming that was what you were going for) is the fact that removal is limited and Control Warrior likes to bring a lot of things to be removed. Chalk it up to the hero choice; Warrior is very tanky and mage decks tend to run spell heavy. So minimal creatures. So once warrior removes those creatures, mage can't win. And as the game goes on you're hurling precious fireballs at minions rather than at the face. So where is that lethal damage going to come from, exactly? The long game is the warrior's game.
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Mage is a great class. Stop sucking.
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04/14/2014 01:20 AMPosted by VSarius
Playing something that isn't the downright worst class in the game would be a nice start.

Which doesn't say a lot, it's still a good and very playable class. Broken at times, even. Stop repeating everything your favorite streamer says like a parrot and think for yourself.

EDIT: Mage also destroys the retarded "mid range" huntard decks that you see everywhere in ladder now, and huntard is the strongest class right now.
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It depends on your deck list but the answer might just be taking the loss and moving on. Some decks just have certain very bad matchups.
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