Building a Paladin deck for Rank 12+

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Hello everybody,

I've been playing Control Druid / Control Mage / Rush Warlock decks at around Ranks 10-12.

Now I want to create an efficient Control Paladin deck to play at ranks 12+, or, lets say, 10+.

I have all epic cards and almost all useful legendaries (don't have Black Knight tho).

Here is my variant:

(finalized, thank you, made some changes, absolutely viable now at 12+)


Early game with Wild Pyromancer combos, Aldor Peacekeeper, Leper Grome, mid-game with Blood Knight and Truesilver Champion, late game with Legendaries.


1-2 - Leper Gnome, Argent Protector, Wild Pyromancer
3-4 - Sword of Justice, Aldor Peacekeeper (if necessary), Wild Pyromancer + spell combos, Truesilver Champion, Consecration, Defender of Argus
5 - combo with Blood Knight for a 6/6 or 9/9, Truesilver Champion
6-7 - early Legendaries, heals with Guardian of Kings, Avenging Wrath
8-9 - late Legendaries, Lay on Hands

What do you think?
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I don't like Sword of Justice. It's just too slow, and dead too often in a deck also running Truesilver Champion.

Personally I would sub them for a pair of Defender of Argus. Looks like you severely lack taunt, and with your cheap minions and hero power there should always be viable targets.

I think I'd also rather a 2nd Avenging Wrath than Ysera. As good as Ysera can be, you get no benefit till the following turn. I think in more games I'd be more happy to top deck an AW than Ysera.
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Thanks for Sword of Justice => Defender of Argus advice. Will consider.

As for Ysera - I'll keep it, at a very endgame (almost out of cards) it's a winning card... At least for Control Mage / Control Druid. Guess here also.
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Deck updated! (in the 1st post)

2 x Sword of Justice => 1 x Defender of Argus & 1 x Consecration

I will soon be able to craft Black Knight. Shall I use it instead of Hogger or Sylvanas?
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Since you do not have BK,i'd take sylvannas over hogger.

Hogger on paper looks like a very useful card, but really is useful really late game and protected. He gets cleared out too easily mid game.

Sylvanas will put the scare in people, they will have to waste multiple cards to remove unless they use a silence, in that case it becomes bait for a silence so that your other legendaries can be protected like tirion. You still have a 5/5 minion out there as well.

sylvannas over hogger

For a paladin however, BK is huge and can be a game changer late in the game. I am seeing a lot of sunwalkers lately and also manipulators copying tirion is an issue, BK is there as a removal for those late game situations.

Also, i see 1 consecrate? you need two. It is almost mandatory for paladin decks to have 2 equality, 2 truesilver, and 2 consecrates due to lack of one card removals on the cheap. It can save you against teh rushing decks.
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Oh boy yeah, missed that you weren't running consecrate! Yeah, you need 2 of those.

I'd drop the Leper Gnomes, assuming you are set on all the divine shield minions/spells to combo with your Blood Knights. That way you can have 2x Consecrate and 2x Defender of Argos.
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