Stuck at rank seven with warrior.

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Hey all!

I use this list:

with -1 ysera and +1 battle rage. In order to push the late heavy curve back a bit.

I'm not sure why I'm stuck at rank seven. Is the deck solid? Is there something I'm missing there?

I find the deck to often unluck out of games. Is this common? Is there something I'm likely doing wrong in my play?

Please post advice or links to guides or videos that will help me understand the play of the deck. Thank you!!!!
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From what I can tell, the deck looks solid enough, although I don't think that removing Ysera in favour of Battle Rage is a good decision. Do you really need that additional card draw? Because if you do, it's likely you're not being careful with your acolytes and slams and probably play them without synergising them with other spells and minions. Even if you actually do need additional draw, a Gadgetzan Auctioneer would work better since it also gives you a 4/4 body.

Anyway, to start with, what kind of decks do you normally lose against? Recently I saw an increase in ramp up druids which run 2x Ancient of War. In that case I highly recommend adding a Black Knight instead of one Sen'jin. Another Sen'jin can be replaced with a Big Game Hunter, since there are still plenty handlocks out there, and besides, BGH is useful in a wide range of situations when you can pair him up with a Taskmaster.

The rest of the composition seems fairly typical. Perhaps you just haven't given the deck enough time to play against good opponents? Things do start to get a little more difficult at low ranks, so it's no surprise that winning requires more practice and, often, invested time.
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Makes sense! I didn't put it in because I thought it needed card draw. I much more needed early plays, and drawing them is a good way to get them.

I still don't have a sense of how to tweak the deck to metas. As you said black night in for anti taunt. But I would be sure what to pull out for it.

I do think I'm still making mistakes in my play, although I'm not sure where.
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I tried this deck out and end up not liking it. Try taking out ysera I think she's too costly for the value she provides. I have currently worked in a faceless manipulator, acidic ooze (don't have Harrison Jones crafted yet), and spellbinder (easy cairne and higmane removals) into a variation of the deck you posted and I am steadily climbing at rank 5.
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This is very close to the deck im currently using. I'm rank 4 right now and still going strong. Biggest difference in mine is BGH, Bk and cleave. Im only running one sen jin and one frothing and it hasn't really bit me yet. As said before i wouldn't use battle rage since card draw shouldn't be an issue. If you only make that change it would add BGH or Bk depending what you are having trouble against.
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