Help With My Druid Control Deck Please!

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Hello guys! I have a Druid control deck here that I feel is going the right way, but I can't get it out of rank 17/16. I think a lot of it is my own misplays and not the deck, but I am sure there are a few flaws in the deck. I was wondering if you guys could help me with it a bit.

2x Innervate
1x Stampeding Kodo
1x Claw
2x Mark of the Wild
1x Power of the wild
2x Faerie Dragon
1x Savage Roar
2x Harvest Golem
2x Swipe
2x Wrath
2x Keeper of the Grove
1x Sen'jin Shieldmasta
2x Azure Drake
2x Druid of the Claw
2x Boulderfist Ogre
1x Ancient of Lore
2x Chillwind Yeti
2x Ironbark Protector

- 1x Defender of Argus +1x Wrath

- 1x Savage Roar +1x Wrath

- 1x Innervate +1x Stampeding Kodo

- 1x Abomination +1x sen'jin Shieldmasta

- 2x Stormwind Champion +2 chillwind Yeti

- 1x Claw +1x Innervate

- 1x Sen'jin Shieldmasta +1x Innervate

thanks in advance!
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You need Wrath. It's too good of a spell. 3 damage for 2 mana, or 1 damage and card draw? It's a must have.

I don't think you need Defender of Argus since you already have so many other Taunts.

You don't need two Savage Roars. If you want that big burst potential, drop one and add a Force of Nature.

I'd reccomend either two Innervates or 0, but it's a risky card nonetheless. If you're still new I'd advise just dropping it.

Drop Abombination. Go with a second Senjin if you really want another Taunt, but with two Druids of the claw and two Ironbarks you should be fine.

Stormwind Champion doesn't really flow with your deck. It's good in decks with lots of weaker minions, but in your deck it's just another heavy that's not as good as some of the others. Drop them and add two Yetis to strengthen your mid game.

Ancient of Lore is an outstanding card, maybe the best card in the game. Do your best to get another one.

I'm not a big fan of Ironbark Protector, if you really want another big taunt craft some Ancients of War instead.
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Thank You for your suggestions!

I have made changes accordingly. I have absolutely no dust, and I made this deck out of the cards that I had.

- 1x Defender of Argus +1x Wrath

- 1x Savage Roar +1x Wrath

- 1x Innervate +1x Stampeding Kodo

- 1x Abomination +1x sen'jin Shieldmasta

- 2x Stormwind Champion +2 chillwind Yeti
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Only run 1 claw. Its nice early game removal but its not worth having two in your deck.

I highly suggest you run two innervates.

Ancient of Lore and Ancient of War are both great cards. I'd use one of each over the iron barks, SW champs, or boulderfist orges. The Ancients are better then all of that.

Having 1 of each will give you the strong 5/10 taunt and the good card draw/heal from Lore.
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Thanks for the comment!

I have no dust for any of those cards. I am going to immediately replace them when I get a hold of the cards. I really like running two innervates as well. After running a couple of games with it, I see that it really helps.


-1x Claw +1x Innervate

-1x Sen'jin Shieldmasta +1x Innervate
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