Deck List
2x Firey war axe
2x Commanding Shout
2x Rampage
2x Amani berserker
2x Armor Smith
2x Cruel Taskmaster
1x Knife juggeler
2x Loot Horder
2x Acolyte of Pain
2x Frothing Berskerer
2x Imp Master
1x Raging Worgen
2x Warsong Commander
1x Arathi Weaponsmith
2x Korkon Commander
1x Leeroy
1x Ragnaros
1x Ysera

Anyways I have actually had a couple of opponents talk to me about the deck and one asked me for the decklist. I think it is interesting because it actually uses the warrior mechanics. Rampage, commanding shout, warsong commander are all fairly underused tools I believe. I use to run it more rush heavy but I am finding that the addition of Ysera and Rag have really helped since against a lot of rush decks we end up stalling into the late game. Would love to hear peoples thoughts on improving it. So far it has proven fairly competitive. Last season I took it up to rank 3.

Note: Zoo lock really sucks and is a hard counter. Unless you draw a great hand you just cant steal tempo from them.
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