4 Days Playing - My Thoughts So Far

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came from MTG background and here are my thoughts

Mage is good
Druid is godly (based on google as well)

first few days were good - but then i hit a wall :| rank 18-19
i think this is where the "grinding" part comes in
i have to win 30 games to open a pack :|

some questions:
- is it the only way to gain coins? (aside from buying)
- or am i missing something? (quests are good too)
- i am seeing cool rare and legendary cards on rank 18 already? how did they get it? just by "grinding"?
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This game has been out for 4 months+ in terms of the last card wipe. Maybe players have been playing daily for hours for months so so many legendarys have been aquired.

Of course anyone may buy packs from the store, should the grind prove to be taking too long for them.

In terms of gold, do your quests every day and NEVER buy packs for 100g imo, just do Arena for 150g, you are 100% gaurtened 1 pack for arena even if you only lose. But if you do well you are rewarded with more packs/gold/dust up to 12 wins.
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looks like i have to grind a LOT before i can get a hand of the good cards - guess ill stay around rank 18-19 for a while
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If you're very good, you can go infinite in the arena, and the gold will just roll in. Some of the streamers have something like 40,000 dust now.

But yeah you are in for a lot of grinding if you don't want to spend money, still, better than a game that doesn't have any gold / dust. . .
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There is absolutely no need to "grind". Quests are the best way to get gold. Use the gold to enter arena.

Arena always awards one pack even if no wins so technically that's 50 gold to enter arena. If you get 8 or more wins you will usually get all your gold back in prizes and can play in arena again, making the pack and your second ticket practically free in terms of gold.

If you think you are too new to enter arena, then save your gold till you are good enough. Play with basic decks that can push you to rank 17 at least.

Good luck.
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04/15/2014 07:16 AMPosted by babykoy
i have to win 30 games to open a pack :|

with quests giving 60 gold u have to win 30 games wtf?
plus u can gather up some gold do arenas get better and then gather up more gold to buy packs
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If your awake at 2-3am EST you can just sit there and change all your 40g quests to 60g or 100g if your lucky, not sure if that is a bug.
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