What was the correct play?

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First off this isn't a QQ thread like 99% of threads these days. I won the game, but I'm inexperienced playing a warrior and was wondering if I could have done things differently. The game was win #7 in my current run against a druid.

Game starts off normal, us trading minions back and forth. I gained the advantage with some good use of 2 cult masters (got 5 draws from 2 of them + they traded well when opponent killed them)

Late game:

I had his board entirely cleared and he had no cards in his hand. I had Sea Giant (9/9) and Arathi something (the one that gives you a 2/2 weapon) at full health and a stormwind champion at 6/6

In my hand I had a cruel taskmaster, execute, and cult master.

Here is where I likely messed up or there was a better play.

Hist turn he draws a druid of the claw (4/6 with Taunt).

I then play cruel taskmaster on his druid of the claw and execute him and go to his face. And I draw bluegill warrior (2/1 murlock with charge)

He then draws the 8/8 druid taunt (ironbark something).

I draw tazdingo and sack my arathi minion to leave his taunt at 8/4. My tazsingo was at 4/6 with Stormwind buff. And pass the turn.

He then draws nurish (or whatever draws cards) and plays down gnomish inventor.

I kill his gnomish inventor with Stormwind champ and hit him with sea giant. I draw inner rage

He then places down Sylvanis + sunfury protector

I play down bluegill and cult master to limit his chances of getting sea giant or stowmwind champ. I kill sylvanis with sea giant and luckily he gets cult master. I sack bluegill into the cult master.

Next turn he draws nothing and I finish him off.

Any advice on how I could have played that better. I got lucky that Sylvanas didn't get Stormwind champ or Sea Giant.
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You had no silences so you couldnt have really done anything else once sylvanas had taunt. Was this arena? Cause according to you, you had 3 cult masters. o.0
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I'd say using that execute on the 4/6 was wrong, especially since you had a 9/9 on board.

Apart from that, you played vs the sylvanas quite correctly I'd say.
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Hey if you won then you must've played it right. Tough to deal with Sylvanas when you have a full board and no silences, you just gotta roll the dice. I'm happy it worked out for you.
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Cruel taskmaster + Execute was fine imo.

I would probably have run the 9/9 into his tree to kill it and pushed through 13 dmg for that turn. That would have left you with a 9/1, 4/4(arathi), 6/6(SWC), 3/3 (CT) and 4/6(Taz) for a total of 22 potential damage the next turn.

Since he had no cards when he topdecked nourish, he wouldn't have had the mana to play that and Sylvannas. So all he would have been able to afford was Gnomish, Sunfury, and/or whatever other card was drawn.

Let's assume he already had the sylvannas and in response to the last play, instead of playing nourish and gnomish, he plays her with sunfury (somehow). I'd probably play the Bluegill and then kill Syl with Stormwind champ. that'd leave him as a 6/1 and now anything she steals can be easily killed with what you'd have left on board, assuming you still didn't have lethal.
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Thanks for all the replys.

I ended up going 10 wins with that warrior deck so I was pretty happy with that. The next arena attempt I played warrior again and made it to 8 wins as well (and I got a Grommash from the pack reward). Currently playing a warrior yet again in my arena run and at 4-1 (but the deck is quite bad).

I'm taking a liking to Warriors and am currently working on building a deck for constructed play.

Thanks again for the input.
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