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bestial wrath needs charge added to it, increase its mana to two or three.

early beast minions too low of hp, starving buzzard as an example. makes gameplay the same, wait to play and dump cards; easily taken out by the vast 1dmg cards/hero abilities.

Tundra rhino cost is too high, 2/5 for 5 mana, makes it unplayable during most games. It usually dies first round it is dropped and does not trade that well with any mob at that point in time (only trades well vs. zoo/aggro deck at most 2-1, but I have rarely seen that.) You have a charge minion for warrior for 2/3 at 3 mana; that is fair, but 2/5 at 5? why not make it 4/5 or atleast 3/5?

barely a late game capability for hunter.

beasts rely to heavily on buffs from others. if you give dmg buffs why not health buff minions?

king krush is easily replaced by ragnaros, please upgrade the krush! drop cost to 8 mana! Ragnaros can have two turns of 8 dmg (16 dmg) and does not have to worry about dmg return. (of course dmg is random, but I have found board to be clear or small by the time I drop krush).

vary trap card costs. change stats to match. too many 2 costs for curve.

hunter too centered around unleash the hounds. Needs a different option of playstyle.

draw mechanics comes down to usually buzzard, flare (1 for 1, unless trap present when activated), tracking (1 for 1 + discard 2, not worth it in my opinion), or cult master (in most battles has not worked to my advantage), needs another option (single card draw minions not useful because of synergy issues with beasts)

It would be cool to see a card for hunter that does a random animal ability, like gorilla pummel or wolf furious howl. It could be even based off of what animal type you have on the board too (random selection?).


nerf ragnaros.

need more pirate cards.

change cult master to be 3/1 for 3 mana.

add more 5 card costs. Game has a small selection of them.

Add more interesting epic cards.

add neutral spells.

...just add more cards in general. (I'm excited for the new ones coming out!)
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just wondering how it mader u feel when u typed all of that and not much people bothered to look at it let alone reply to it
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well I won't mind as long as someone from blizzard sees this or someone from the community takes my idea and passes it along elsewhere. Even tweaking this idea to be better, idc. I want change lol.

At any rate, I needed to get this off my chest anyhow lol. Bothering me way too much.

Hunter is my main and every day I try to create a new deck that is different that just ends up feeling the same no matter how i tweak it. Hunter is just a one faced character right now and it sucks.


it was also quickly put together in notepad, so not very well organized and that can can turn people off from a post this long.
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Tundra Rhino needs buff yes. Give it 6hp.
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