deck help (should I disenchant Alexstrasza ?)

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Hi, my main class is priest, and I like playing ranked :DD. I've read something about priest being the weakest class when we talk about ranked. I don't think so. Shadow words, alchemists and pyromancer give you a solid control tool, and you can really put some serious pressure with twilight drakes, for example. I'm currently stuck at around rank 13 and would like some help with my deck....

- Silence x1 (really helps for 0 mana, can deal with things like tyrion fordring or buffed minions)
- Holy Smite x2 (nice removal)
- Power Word: Shield x1 (I think 1 is enough, for pyromancer or when I need some draw or buff)
- Leper Gnome x1 (early drop, best card in the game)
- Shadow Word Pain x2
- Acidic Swamp Ooze x1 (to deal with weapons)
- Crazed Alchemist x2 (to "play" with minion's stats, enabling 4 attack removal)
- Wild Pyromancer x2 (general control, mainly against aggro)
- Youthful Brewmaster x1 ( I really like this guy, I can have 3 alchemists, or 2 oozes with him, or can replay damaged/silenced minions. Stuff like that)
- Shadow Word: Death x2
- Thoughtsteal x1 (not sure about this one... I keep replacing this with some taunt. I don't know...not really fan of de RNG)
- Acolyte of Pain x1 (card draw and early removal)
- Shadow Madness x1 (really like this one. You can 'ignore' a 3 or less attack taunt, or you can steal a full minion, like using this on a Harvest Golem and killing it for a damaged golem that won't go back to the enemy)
-Chillwind Yeti x1
- Sen'Jin Shieldmasta x1
- Twilight Drake x1 (REALLY useful if I can get him early on the board)
- Holy Nova x2
- Azure Drake x1 (card draw and a possible turn 10 combo with holy nova for 3 AoE damage)
- Holy Fire x2
- Sunwalker x1 (nice taunt)
- Mind Control x1

Keep in mind that I use these legendaries because they are the only ones I have. I don't think, though, Alexstrasza fits in the deck. I've been thinking about disenchanting it for a faceless manipulator or a Cabal Shadow Priest. No I don't have dust to craft anything above rare, that's why I'd like a second opinion on the Alexstrasza..

Thank You ! ^^
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Alexstrasa has some value to her. The dust you gain from disenchanting her doesn't justify the loss of her as a minion. I can't think of any epic (400 dust) that would be better than Alex.

Just keep gaining packs and stacking dust till you can craft the desired epic.
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First thing that comes to mind.. why don't you play Northshire Cleric? She's great and more or less the only real card draw engine you have as a priest.
The Leper Gnome looks like he's lost.^^ He's great in aggressive decks but your list is more controlish.
PS:Shield is maybe one of the best cards the priest has to offer so you really should consider playing 2 copies.
Silence is ok
2x SW:Pain and 2x Holy Smite is maybe a bit much.. you could cut one SW:Pain
Ooze is fine
Alchemist.. I'm not a fan of it.. not even if combined with Cabal Shadow Priest but there're people who swear on him.^^
Pyromancer is great
Brewmaster.. not necessary imo..
SW:Death is great
Thoughtsteal.. Amaz (famous Priest Streamer) rates it the best priest card.. I don't play it anymore because of the rng.. never looked back.
Acolyte of Pain.. never tried him before.. could be fun with Pyromancer
Shadow Madness.. another card I don't play anymore.. can have its moments.. I guess 1 copy is fine
Yeti, Shieldmasta are both very good 4 mana drops
Twilight Drake.. I prefer Yeti over him because he never became that big when I played him and you don't even run Clerics for more draw
Holy Nova.. ok
Azure Drake.. why not
Holy Fire.. also a great card
Sunwalker could be a nice replacement for Cairne or Sylvannas
Rag, Alex, MC.. nothing to say^^

You run a lot of cards only once.. maybe cut some (e.g. Brewmaster) and put a second copy of some others in (e.g. PS:Shield)

And you should keep Alexstrasza

I run her in my priest deck too and she's also used in some other control decks like warrior or handlock
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Alex is currently one of the better legendaries and you'll be disappointed if you DE her. She may not be the best in a priest but she still functions as a win condition, especially for our slower deck.

She also helps out against hunter as she can be dropped to heal you to 15 and be a solid 8/8 to sit on the board alone.
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ok ! thanks for the help, guys ^^
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