iPad 2 and iPad Mini Info Gathering


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ios 7.1.1
16 gig wi-fi
5.1 gb avail
app refresh off
loca services off

every game has been disconnected for a while.
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iPad 2 with IOS 7.1.1 (I always keep it up to date)
16gb with wifi
2.4GB free
7 apps use location services
-University timetable app
-Google Chrome
-Find my iPhone/iPad
Background refresh is on, but only for Facebook and Google Drive.

I rarely have other apps open when I play hearthstone, and I always make a conscious effort to turn power sucking apps like the camera or skype apps off when I'm not using them.

It's good to hear that you guys are trying to work on the issue, but some sort of update as to what may be causing it would be encouraging. Currently I can only play on my iPad, and every time I play I disconnect, normally right before I'm about to win the game as well. What is worse is thatIi don't just disconnect from the game, but the whole app shuts down as well. The time it takes to open Hearthstone and reconnect often ends in my losing the game, or all advantage and strategy having been torn apart by my absence and skipped turns.

Normally, I wouldn't mind so much as it is a free game and I know that I would've won anyway, but when I start to lose my position in the ranking as well as arena matches it really becomes a drag on the game. It's just so frustrating that the hour I invest every day usually ends in anger and diminished rewards because of a single disconnect. I know this might not be your major priority as it's not a pay-to-play game, but please get on this!

Your our only hope, Blizzi-wan-kenobi.
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iOS 7.1.1
iPad 2 / 32 GB / Wi-Fi Only

5.7 GB Free
Background App Refresh Off
Location Services Off

Disconnect used to happen at the end of every game, but recently I haven't even been able to complete a single game before a crash. However, I was able to keep the app running for an extended period to build a deck, but as soon as a game started it crashed.
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iOS Version: 7.1.1 (11D201)
Specific Device Type: A1397 (iPad 2, CDMA, 16GB)
Free Space: 7.6GB
Background App Refresh: 10
Location Services: 3

Getting disconnected every game
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I have had the Ipad Hearthstone shutdown on me many times during play, getting really frustrating. I there only info gathering or will there be any compensation. Just got to ask because I am enjoying the game but starting to be turned off due to the losses.
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Losing connections in every game. It's cost me three losses in ranked play this morning.

Ipad Mini (original)
Running Latest iOS

Switching to desktop play in the meantime.
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Started suffering serious lag just this week (since the crash last weekend). Can't end my turn, then 20 minutes later it starts up again and I get to watch my opponent go through all his turns in fast forward and destroy me.

iPad 2
7gb free
IOS 7.1.1

Can't play anymore.
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Total noob here. Sorry if this was addressed already but I can't activate arena mode. I logged out quickly the other day following my third loss without properly retrieving my rewards. When I came back on later I noticed that I DID have a 5 pack of cards to open visible at main screen, but when I went back to arena, it was perpetually stuck showing me the 5 pack I got on the right side, DONE button in middle, and a cloud on left where normally is arcane dust or gold etc but it was a nonspecific cloud. Nothing at that frozen screen works except the DONE button which boots me out of hearthstone altogether. Going back in again yields the same result every time. I've restarted the iPad, closed all other programs, logged out of hearthstone then logged back in, same result every time. Apologies for not having software version, etc available right off the bat. I'll be posting that info shortly. Thanks in advance to any helpful replies
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iPad 2 mini
Version 7.1.1 (11D201)
Capacity 3GB left from 13.4
Model MD528L4A
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IPad 2, 7.1.1, 2.3gb free, nothing else running. Getting disconnected after every game followed by the sprites message for a variable length of time afterwards. Never less than 30 minutes. Problem started on Friday of last week (6/13/2014). Have uninstalled and reinstalled twice. Have tried restarting, disconnecting and reconnecting to WiFi. Nothing I have tried seems to make much difference.
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Update: just got past those dastardly sprites after around 15 minutes, but when I went to start a casual match I got booted before the match began and now the sprites are back.
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iPad Mini user - Background App Refresh disabled sped up Hearthstone immensely!

Yesterday Hearthstone became virtually unplayable at times with things like lightning storm taking my whole turn to animate. I had no other apps running and it had just been rebooted. The only thing I had done was enable my Facebook account on my iPad that day to upload a photo. This made me think that there was a Facebook background task running which was pulling too many resources.

I started digging around in the settings menu to see what background tasks could be running and how I could disable them. I was in the settings under 'general' and found an item called 'Background App Refresh'. I just turned all of them off at with the top button. When I started up Hearthstone again it has never run faster.

Hope that helps some people. I'm not an apple fan boy nor an iOS master so I'm always learning a bit more how the system works.
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ios: 7.1.1
Free space: 46.9 G
Background refresh apps: 8
Location services apps: 5

Disconnects and lagging are so frequent that I gave up playing on my ipad weeks ago, laddering is grindy enough without losing to poor app performance as well.

It makes me sad I was SUPER excited to have this on my ipad so I could play more often, but I have been forced back to only playing when I can sit down at my desktop...at this point I am just glad I didn't pay any money for a useless app.
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•7.1.1 iOS version
•16GB, wifi
•3.3 GB available
•7 apps background refresh
•2 apps location svcs

Game is slow and "crashes" always during a match. App "crashes" usually after a three-consecutive match.

Thank you!
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iPad mini
iOS 7.1.1
16 gb wifi
4.1 gb free

7 apps using background app refresh.
6 apps using location services.

My iPad was plugged in to my PC charging when the app crashed both times within 10 min.

The first time it crashed I was in the middle of an arena match and was sending a message to a friend from my friends list. upon opening the chat window the app crashed and when I went back into the app it said my match was lost... :(

The second time it crashed was in the middle of an arena match (my turn)... That game did actually reconnect.
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This problem is still existent. I'm constantly crashing at least once per game, sometimes twice on my iPad Mini. The game is unplayable which is good for me so I stop spending money on it, but bad because I really enjoy this game.
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iPad 2 - 64GB - 3G

iOS 7.1.2 (11D257)
35GB Available
Location - Australia
3G Network - Virgin Mobile (uses YES OPTUS)
WiFi 802.11n connection at home.

Background App Refresh - 4
Find Friends
Location Services Apps - 5
AUS Weather
Find Friends
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Using iPad Mini (the first version)

64GB version, Wifi

36.1GB free space remaining

7 apps using Background App Refresh

12 apps using Location Services (10 if you exclude System Service and Find My iPad/iPhone)

P.S As a personal feedback on playing the game on my iPad, it is quite choppy (as in FPS spike) for most of the time. I guess being an iPad mini 1 it does not have the necessary processing power for this game, so I would really recommend to butcher the game size down a tad bit more for mobile version.
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Brand new IPAD MINI 1 (non retina 16G), random FPS drops and lots of disconnects on initial connect.

IOS : 7.1.2
Free space : 9.8G

Background Apps refresh :

Location Apps :
Nu.nl, Find IPAD
Thanks very much for your help!
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Game was running fine on iPad mini (gen 1) plugged in power cord midway through game and it became completely unresponsive.
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